Essay on Expo 2020 and Business Ethics Perspective

Published: 2022/01/10
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The Expo 2020 in Dubai is set on the theme, ‘Connecting minds, creating the Future’ in its bid to host the 2020 Expo. This Expo will be the first to be held in Middle East, Northern Africa as well South Asia. The commitment of the nation is pegged on its drive to internationalize its business as well as its relations with other nations. This is especially with regard to its progress as well as development (AFP, 2013).

This goal, according to the state, will be achieved through working collaboratively with individual countries as well as communities found within the same countries. The global financial as well social community is increasingly facing more complex but interconnected challenges. Therefore, the interconnections between people, societies as well as ideas are increasingly becoming critical, the platform has therefore, been established for interconnectivity (BIE, n.d).

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Ethical problem and unethical issues

The major concern in terms of ethics in connection with the Expo is seen in its vulnerability to aspects of corruption. Generally, in the U.A.E there have increasingly been incidents of corruption. This is especially seen in Dubai especially in the form of financial corruption (Laubach, n.d). Such acts are therefore, most likely to occur in connection to the Expo if the relevant preventive measures, especially linked to business ethics are not put in place. The occurrences of these incidents of corruption are especially carried out in the form of trips and parties for government officers.

The push for Dubai 2020, in its form of bids is basically prone to elements of corruption in the sense that, officials can be tempted with gifts in order to forward the interests of Dubai. The bid is placed together with bids from other countries, and in the case where money will be exchanged for consideration, and then this will obviously result in corruption. Individual companies also have particular interests in positions to be members and hosts of the event in the expo. This in essence will provide a platform for highlighting their particular products, and cultures and eventually improve the company performance (AFP, 2013). This element of exposure can prompt acts of corruption in order to achieve favor and more consideration and therefore acquire a larger market base.

Other aspects linked to ethics, and also unethical elements of the Expo include the potential for economic development in connection with this particular event. This will be seen long after the expo has ended, and this aspect is evidenced in the economic revival of cities that have hosted the event before. It will promote a positive image of the city, in light of fear that is linked with the Arab uprising; this will then promote sound business relationship that will encourage investments and other industries like Tourism and Travel (BIE, n.d; AFP, 2013).

There will also be the social benefit to the communities both local and migrants. This will be observed in the job opportunities that will be provided in construction, and provision of services within the premises that will be used to host the event. The migrant workers from Asia have this benefit, and they will also experience better working conditions, the country is intent on ensuring that the regulations that surround workers are observing very high standards (AFP, 2013).

Sustainability of the environment is an important element of the Expo and this is also linked to all important aspects of innovation, and collaboration between the different elements that constitute the particular industries that will represent Dubai. Innovation is critical to ensure that the technologies are up to international standards, and it will aid in forwarding the Sustainability agenda. The Committee responsible for organizing the Expo is basically committed to ensuring that half of the energy that will be utilized in the expo will be provided on site, this will be from renewable sources (Badam, 2013)

Opportunity within the Expo is seen in its ability to attract business that will further promote business within Dubai; this will greatly assist in boosting the region’s economic standing in the long term. Other aspects that will significantly be promoted will include the culture as well as innovation, and this will occur through then diversification and identification of new economic modes that come from these elements of innovation (BIE, n.d).

There will also be a ripple effect seen in the overall improvement of Dubai’s infrastructure. It is critical to note however, that if sound business policies and ethical considerations are not well crafted then the event will be a potential ethical disaster in the long term, resulting in no sound regulation and therefore will destroy the environment, society and undoubtedly will result in corruption.

Policy Document for the Business Ethics Plan for Dubai Expo 2020

Standard of Conduct

The Expo committee and participating members will conduct the business with honesty as well as integrity, ensuring accountability in all aspects of the business. This will be supported by insistence on honesty and clarity as well as promotion of equal opportunity. The Expo will employ ethic professions to ensure adherence of set standards and the different leaders responsible for the Expo will be tasked with the responsibility to ensure that the set standards are being adhered. This will be expected in their personal conduct as well- they will champion these standards.

Obeying the Law

The Expo will operate within the set standards and procedures as established by the government. There are laws set up to promote anti-corruption, and they are for the purpose of ensuring that corruption is phased out from all institutions. The Expo will establish a widespread awareness campaign on the relevant requirements of the law, and this will basically be done through the utilization of education and training techniques. The federal penal code has been amended to punish the solicitation of bribes (Laubach, n.d). First of is the consideration of the prohibitions within this Act which basically limits the conduct of any activities outside the office hours.

Basing on this law, the Expo will penalize any incident resulting from a promise of an offer or the provision of anything of value to a public officer. Any person that is tasked with any responsibilities that are linked to the project at hand it will also will penalize and exclude any company that will be associated with elements of corruption. There will be observation of conduct after working hours to ensure that no corruption is done during these hours. Criminal action will be taken against those responsible for acts of corruption and they will be subject to investigation and prosecution.

Stakeholders and business partners

Dubai Expo will conduct its business in accordance with the internationally recognized and accepted standards of good business and well as corporate governance. The Expo will consider its overall relations with its different partners trying to limit confrontation for overall success with a focus on the specific contribution of the constituent partners in ensuring the success of the Expo. The relations between the different partners and stakeholders will be open and transparent with positive resultant benefits. These relations will further be expected to adhere to business principles that are consistent with values that are against corruption, these standards have been established by the committee responsible.

Business Integrity

The Dubai Expo 2020 committee will not receive directly, indirectly bribes or other improper advantages for business or their financial gain. The members will not give, offer or also receive any gifts or payments which may be constituted as being a bribe. In case of such a demand, the offer should be rejected immediately and be reported to the relevant authorities. The companies or organizations that will be linked to such acts of bribery or corruption will be disqualified from participation in the Expo.

Compliance, monitoring and reporting

Compliance with the set policies is an essential element in the overall success of the Expo. The committee will be responsible for ensuring that the policies are adhered to. This is as well as implementation of the laws that have been established by the government concerning principles against corruption. The responsibilities will be delegated to various leadersthat will then be held responsible, and there is assurance of compliance with set regulations as well as the overall monitoring of the set codes. This monitoring will be followed by corrective action as well as litigation in instances where these standards are not adhered to.

Expo stakeholders

The various entities which basically forms the large part of the stakeholder base has generally been grouped into three; premier partners lead partners as well as official partners. The official partners include the entities that comprise of the U.A.E government including the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy. The premier partners comprise of 6 of the most successful companies in Dubai and they include; Dubai Airports, Emirates Airlines, Emirates NBD, Etisalat and Jumerah Group.

The lead partners on the other hand, will be mainly concerned with raising awareness on the expo, and this will involve branding, hosting conventions, branding and distribution of information materials across Dubai. The other partners include the international bodies, which are also part of the stakeholder body, and they include United Nations Development Program, which is responsible for overseeing the development and ensuring that they meet set environmental standards.

Negative Impacts of unethical standards

Unethical standards will affect the country and the community as a whole. The problem of corruption is seen in its ability not only to affect the economy but also in its potential to impact negatively on the ethics of individual citizens. Economically, it will compromise on the quality of services or goods on offer and will therefore, be less attractive to investors, and this will lead to drop of business. Tendencies to get favors from bribes will prompt more people to be more acceptable of this and it will corrupt the moral fiber of the overall community.

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Corruption also affects many communities and causes the collapse of many regulations. These regulations had been set up to protect against hazardous impacts from external forces and therefore disregard of the same is detrimental to the economy. The global financial crisis is an example of this. Lack of sound business ethics results in higher frequency of corruption.


In organizations that value ethics, there are considerable efforts at satisfying shareholders, partners, community and the public. Consideration should also be made on the environment. These relates to concentration on the environment surrounding the organization. In an ethical world organizations need to “go green”; nature has a role to play in organizations and this has an effect climatic and other factors. Code of ethics includes aspects such as the corruption, bribery and harassment. Harassment takes various forms but the most prevalent form of harassment relates to women. Therefore, there is need for organizations to have policies protecting all members from forms of harassment. These policies relates to people with disabilities, disadvantaged members and women.


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