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Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling are four primary functions of project management principles generally known as the P-O-L-C framework. If an organization integrates its vision (goal) and mission (objectives) into the P-O-L-C framework, strategy formulation would be unconquerable. One of the best examples would be Nucor corporations, a steel manufacturer. Nucor Corporation is outperforming its[…]

The effectiveness of any organization is dependent on the communication climate within that organization. Employees are motivated, continue to take more opportunities, have a free and open attitude towards information exchange, and have a constructive resolution for any conflicts if the organization has a supportive environment. On the other hand, the employees tend to keep[…]

Leaders in social work settings are faced with the responsibility of leading social workers and keeping them motivated to continue offering their services. Social work managers may produce higher outcomes when they combine their expertise with theoretical perspectives. Motivating and organising workers requires leadership and management skills. The following is an overview of three management[…]

GE’s two significant acquisitions for strategic management and development are the stock purchase and asset purchase acquisition. The acquisition is part of the corporate strategic plan to develop and categorize the business based on product type. An acquisition is when a company purchases most of the other companies’ shares to attain maximum control. In most[…]

Abstract As a result, the broad adoption of the most widely used construction management scheduling software is hampered, and construction scheduling study undermines the foundation of any complete CPM-based time and cost analysis. Expected monetary value (EMV) is a risk management technique that aids in quantifying and comparing the risks associated with various elements of[…]

Introduction Leadership is something which has frequently been disseminated in literature and academic circles- particularly its relevance to performance, optimisation of resources (such as allocation/distribution of them) and managing of employees (which can be dependent on their competencies and personality, something which will be elaborated in more depth at a later stage in this composition).[…]

1. Introduction In the modern business community, organization leaders are not necessarily the candidates with the most expertise and experience. One of the essential traits leaders should possess is agility or the capability of balancing competing organizational demands. An agile leader nurtures relationships with team members, encourages change and innovation while motivating employees to attain[…]

Response to change is a great determinant of a competent firm. A change-oriented leadership style embraces adjustments and allows compatibility to the environment hence improving the organization’s efficiency. According to (Et al., 2019), several methodologies, frameworks, and techniques are always suggested to assist in coping up with uncertainties to gain market competitiveness. Competitive intelligence contributes[…]

Introduction Organizations are established to achieve goals. These goals can only be attained through a structured plan with standardization of work across various units of an organization. Even within each unit, more distinction between task and personnel performing them are established. Recently, social scientist, including Henry Mintzberg, have amplified traditional organizational structures by adding various[…]

When it comes to being an effective leader there are many skills that will accent and further anyone’s position in a leadership role. Leadership roles have changed substantially over the ages to cater to the changing times, but some skill sets of successful leaders have remained consistent throughout time. For example, in fifth century B.C[…]

Managing organizational change is a critical aspect of business management. Companies that adequately manage this aspect can often realize great potential and profitability amid organizational problems and turmoil. The article termed “What Spinning Off a GE Business Taught Me About Managing Ultra-Fast Change” by Margaret Keane (2017) looks at the very concept of organizational change.[…]

Introduction Modern institutions and organizations face leadership problems as a result of under-leading or over-leading. Therefore, there’s a need to increase the leadership potentials among the leaders. This strategy will foster a balanced leadership that creates a favorable relationship between the leader and their followers. This paper seeks to leverage contemporary literature related to good[…]

Introduction In this literature review, I will explore the wellbeing state of employees working for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialisation Europe (ODCE) by reviewing ongoing wellbeing initiatives in the workplace to determine how beneficial they are and possible areas of improvement. This study will focus on a subjective assessment of the employees’ wellbeing by analysing[…]

The author states that leadership may be characterized as vision and shared values and its position as a corporate core competence. In describing the concept of vision as a whole, the term vision is employed. Defines vision as an imaginary or visible model of the potential of the community that others may draw from and desire[…]

In order to ensure the success of the House of Westminster Sales Conference, it takes a great deal of planning and organization from all sides of the team. All of the stakeholders needs and expectations need to be aligned with the event objectives and satisfied to the greatest extent possible. This is done through the[…]

Introduction Bullying is a leading workplace stressor that is perpetrated by malicious individuals who seek control, power, subjugation, and domination over others. According to Workforce Bullying Institute (WBI), bullying refers to the repeated mistreatment of targeted persons by one or more people and it may take the forms of verbal abuse, nonverbal abuse such as[…]

Customers are the most crucial part of a business, and there is a need to ensure that they receive quality services. Companies that overlook customer concerns fail to retain a considerable customer base as their services are branded as low quality. It is essential to evaluate the worst customer experience witnessed and establish internal gaps[…]

Are companies owned and run by historically underrepresented or disadvantaged persons or groups (Lightfoote et al, 2014). Among them are small and minority-owned enterprises, as well as women-owned firms (WBEs). The idea of diversity has evolved over time to include business owners who identify as LGBQT, veterans, or have impairments. To build a diverse supply[…]

Executive Summary Trust allows the establishment of productive relationships that enable the business to attain its objectives and success in the long run. In most cases, team members and leaders must work jointly to increase the levels of honesty and credibility; they must engage with strategies that develop trust in their organizations. In order to[…]

Executive Summary In the next section of the study, problem exploration and analysis will be elaborated. Problems and challenges faced by Toyota in account of Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-2021 will be explained. There are many automobile manufacturing companies including Toyota that are unable to sustain consistency in their business due to heavy restriction by the[…]

Introduction Communication is an integral component of all aspects of human life. It is the medium through which economic, political and social information gets transmitted from one individual to another. In this regard, communication can be regarded as the process of conveying information from one person to another or a group (Adler et al.,10). Communication[…]

Long-term Relationships and Superior Performance in Swiss Collaboration in the Travel and Leisure industry Introduction One of the four essential foundations of tourism is transport, with accommodation, magnetisms, and sustenance facilities, and is a permitting state for the presence and expansion of leisure industry. Though, notwithstanding the significant part of transportation in leisure industry and[…]

Introduction The Power Manufacturing Company (PMC) was founded in 1960 by two brothers named Ray Fallow and Ted. The company specializes in the production of a wide range of power tools and equipment. The Power Manufacturing Company product line includes but is not limited to power drills, trimmers, lawnmowers, and saws, all of which are[…]

Introduction Public management has been receiving enormous attention in the past. According to Kisner and Vigoda-Gadot (2017), administration aspects, especially in the public sector, have recently received significant and vital reforms. Different scholars and specialists in the past have suggested the best managerial approaches in the public sector. On the other hand, public administration has[…]

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