Ryan Crawford

About me:

I am a business graduate from the University of Bradford. I have recently completed my PGD from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). My focus has been on Strategic Management and Leadership. I have considerable experience in retail management and marketing in well-known retail companies such as Tesco, Marks and Spencer and Londis. Because of my effective communication and research skills, I have recently taken up freelance research writing. I can write about almost all marketing and management courses and retail is my specialty. I have personally conducted in-depth research studies in the retail industry in the UK and have insights into the marketing practices of major retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Zara, H&M, Marks and Spencer, and NEXT. Other than retail, I am knowledgeable about breweries, oil and gas, spirits, FMCG and service-sector companies and brands.


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Marketing Channels and Logistics: A Case Study of Pepsi International.

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