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Internal migration is ‘an important route out of poverty in places where conventional development efforts have had limited success’ (IOM, 2005). To what extent do you agree with this statement? Excerpt Introduction The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) (2005, p.23) maintains that ‘internal migration is turning out to be an important route out of poverty[…]

Research context A by-product of globalisation is the emergence of global brands competing for global market dominance. An ever growing number of brands are expanding by entering and trying to establish themselves in foreign countries. In order to succeed, the development of an appropriate marketing strategy is a vital, if not the most important component.[…]

Abstract This document is aimed at projecting the future episodes of innovation, provoking more debate about future trends and culminating in encouraging innovators to keep abreast of the challenges confronting them. Tapping into the constructive episodic memory is unavoidable for most innovators. A crucial role of a constructive episodic memory is to enable innovators to[…]

What have been the main effects of globalisation on Less Developed Countries (LDCs)? This paper will critically analyse globalisation and how it has disadvantaged most of the poor nations. Further, the essay will introduce economic policies that have been developed, and how the multinational corporations have taken advantage of these policies in order to increase[…]

Review of The Capability-Expectations Gap, or Conceptualising Europe’s International Role, by Christopher Hill The recent furore over the ‘Reform Treaty’, which to some was a repackaged attempt to create and implement a European Constitution, has re-ignited the debate about the nature of Europe. What is Europe? What does it mean for a country to sign[…]

Abstract While sociolinguistics traditionally has looked at variations found between groups of speakers of different socio-economic classes, this paper tries to go a step further by looking at structures of relationships and in what way they can be linked to a shared speech pattern. For this we will discuss in how far the strength of[…]

“The usual pattern seems to be that people give non-violence two weeks to solve their problem… and then decide it has ‘failed’. Then they go on with violence for the next hundred years… and it seems never to ‘fail’ and be rejected.” –Theodore Roszak Introduction Why does conflict occur, and what can be done to[…]

I. Introduction For well over six decades the origins of the Second World War have remained an enduring topic of debate amongst historians of the twentieth century. Given the legacy of the Second World War, and its status as one of the most iconic and defining moments of the twentieth century, it is for good[…]

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