Alice Smith

About me:

I have an MPhil Degree in Development Studies and have recently completed my PhD in Development Studies. My first degree was in English and Psychology and I am an avid writer who contributes regularly to a blog that focuses on development issues. Through my experience as an academic supervisor, I have extensive knowledge of writing and editing. I have also worked in Public Relations and as part of research projects where I have contributed to important reports for organisations such as the UN. I have been proofreading the work of friends and family for many years, and I am eager to assist you. My specialised areas include development theory, African politics, migration, urban governance and policy, poverty, inequality, social exclusion and qualitative research methods.


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A discussion of whether internal migration can be a conduit out of poverty for vulnerable and rural households in low-income countries.
How is class conflict portrayed in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, and what are the wider implications of these depictions?

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