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Introduction The American vice- presidency has been an important constitutional office for the American government. According to Witcover the position is perhaps among the most notable innovations. The position of the vice presidency is equated to that of an assistant to the presidency. Among the members of the executive the vice president enjoys higher power[…]

Abstract The president has the power in a country. These powers are provided by the constitution or other implied. The president’s power however, does have a limit. Individuals who have such powers of controlling the functions of the president represent other arms of the government. This paper explains the control of presidential powers in a[…]

Abstract Political campaigns in the United States of America get funds from diverse sources. These sources vary from individuals, organization and public accounts. There are laws and regulations on election funding and campaigns covered by federal and supreme courts. This paper reviews a video and reviews articles relating to corporate speech. Introduction The political campaigns[…]

Introduction The global political landscape observers have noted drastic alterations recently. In democracies, significant numbers of the voting population have shifted to supporting politicians with authoritative tendencies. Many commentators on the matter suggest that the rise of the internet especially social media, plays a central role in amplifying cultural, economic, and political grievances, worldwide, perhaps[…]

Chapter one Introduction No one can dispute that political parties provides a link to effective democratic governance. Political parties are organized based on the common values, policies, opinions, ideals and shared beliefs. People that share these common characteristics come together to form a political party to use it as a vehicle of ascending to power.[…]

How Does Public Opinion Influence US Foreign Policy? When Do You Think the Public Opinion in America Becomes More Crucial in Shaping US Foreign Policy? What Should Be the Relation Between Public Opinion and Foreign Policy? More or Less Influence? Why and Why Not? The public opinion is very crucial when it comes to matters[…]

Within this essay I will assess why the Battle of the Somme is important to political identities in Northern Ireland and explore how the relevance of the First World War has changed since 1918. This essay will be subdivided into two sections. The first will evaluate why the Somme is important to Unionist and Nationalist[…]

Question: Is right-wing populism on the rise? Discuss factors that can explain why populist political parties in Europe have been on the rise. Right-wing populism is a political ideology comprising populist rhetoric and right-wing politics. The setting is mainly based on speaking on behalf of the common people while fostering anti-elitist notions. This political system[…]

Introduction Minority groups often trump the majority factions in United States politics since most people focus on aggregate representation. The United States is a democratic country where the majority have their way. At the same time, the minority groups are often overruled by the masses since the tyranny of numbers is critical in a democracy.[…]

The Internet plays a critical role in promoting democracy because it enables photo sharing, text messaging, and messaging which help citizens to expose vote fraud, reveal corruption, document human rights abuses, create a conducive environment for freedom of expression, and document human rights abuses. Digital tools empower the citizens to generally make the state more[…]

The organization structure is made up of different departments, teams or groups, and individuals working together to achieve the organization’s goal. However, these teams and individuals may have specific ambitions within the organization, which leads to office politics. Although, office politics can motivate people and groups to become more productive by utilizing the right resources[…]

Introduction Referendum votes approved the UK’s call to exit European Union (EU) on June 23, 2016. This case study, therefore, assesses various motives in the European integration and the rise of separatism not only in the UK but also in other parts of the world. Also, the referendum process is analyzed deeper in the article.[…]

Introduction During the course of this essay I will be defining what Eastern Europe is and whether this entity still exists in the modern era. In order to answer my question, my thesis will be in subdivisions, based upon the common conceptions of what Eastern Europe is. The first subdivision will be concerned with politics,[…]

Foreign policies began to be in implementation during the era of President George Washington when he stressed more in the minimization of entanglements with foreign alliances as it could lead to evil dealing among nations (Apodaca, 2017). This advice made a great contribution to the United States and made it flourish economically, politically, and socially.[…]

Introduction After Batista was overthrown in 1959, Castro assumed military and political power and became the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba. Adopting a Marxist-Leninist model of development, Castro converted Cuba into a one-party communist state, the first in the Western Hemisphere. Communism is a philosophical, social, political and economic ideology whose ultimate goal is the[…]

Abstract The paper highlights how Trump uses principles of populism to put his agenda through in the United States. His tweets have drawn criticism from many leaders across all divides. As such, the paper aims to explain how basic principles of populism have been displayed through his Twitter account. The research critically analyzes the concept[…]

January 6th, 2021, remains one of the most dramatic days in the history of the United States elections and transition of power. President Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in protest over the Senate’s declaration of Joe Biden as the President-elect. The unruly crowd overpowered the National Guard personnel and made their way into the[…]

In political science, equality can be interpreted as a self-governing society’s main assumption. As a political concept, equality never involves complete equality. In other words, the concept refers to reward for all people and the treatment of people with full equality. It is required as natural equality, which is not absolute. For instance, people are[…]

The political race is the authority interaction of picking a contender for public office or deciding on tolerating or dismissing a political program. Most nations hold races in some structure, however a significant number of them are not cutthroat (for instance, everything except one party might be banished from running) or have a profoundly compromised[…]

THE COLLAPSE OF COMMUNISM The 1991 Soviet Union disintegration and Communist system dissolution occurred over twenty years ago, and still, there is no agreement over the origin and ramifications of these notable events. Regarding causes, it is easy to assume the collapse was ‘over-determined,’ with a myriad of dynamics. The Soviet Union and Communism collapse[…]

State Power and its Interests Governments in the world are empowered to ensure some functions are executed for various interests within the state. The government can exercise its power in favor of various political institutions and public interests. The essay explores the role of government and functions that it executes within an economy (Garner, Ferdinand[…]

Introduction Different countries in the world have varied approaches to handling of world politics including anarchy and hierarchy. It is important to highlight that hierarchy is the oldest and widely applied for of government in many countries across the world (Dingwerth & Pattberg, 2006). It represents a form of rule with those higher giving directions[…]

Elections play a quintessential role in the U.S and U.K political systems, a reason why the countries have variant systems in terms of economics and foreign policy. Comparing the electoral systems between the two nations, it is apparent that both present the kind of practical information which aids in understanding the democratic divide between the[…]

Introduction “Propaganda is a deliberate and systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist.” (Jowett and O’Donnell’s, 2012).North Korea which is one of the former colonies of Japan is considered as a propagandist state. The country has a dictatorial form of[…]

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