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1.0      Introduction Eventhough trade agreements and regional trade integration has a long history, the trend has increased within the last two decades (Abo, 2015). In many parts of the world, different forms of regional trade agreements have been established. Some of these have advanced into full economic integration of the countries involved while others are[…]

INTRODUCTION This introduction first sets out the research problem and then discusses its rationale by contextualising it within criminology and in the light of extant research. Next it outlines how this dissertation intends to answer the question before briefly summarising the contents of the succeeding chapters. The Research Problem As the process of decolonisation began[…]

Since the events of September 11, 2001 (hereafter referred to as 9/11) in the US, the face of terrorism has changed (Hoffman, 2002). The concept of modern terrorism was first made official in 1968 (Jenkins & Johnson, 1975). Over a period of 33 years, from 1968 until the World Trade Centre and Pentagon attacks in[…]

The Obama administration has generally been reluctant to involve itself in the brutal Syrian civil war, at least overtly. However, following allegations that forces loyal to President Bashar Assad employed chemical weapons in Ghouta, killing anywhere between 300 and 1700 people, President Obama has come under pressure to act on his red line. Limited surgical[…]

Nearly four decades ago Sewell (1975) is reported to have remarked that environmental managers “should be able to manipulate both social institutions and appropriate technology but must do so with the sensitivity of an artist, the insights of a poet and perhaps, the moral purity and determination of a religious zealot”. In the following sections[…]

The Oil and Gas industry is a peculiar one. “Several aspects of the industry, e.g., the capital-intensive nature of the industry, market price volatility, geographic scope of assets and operations, the high-risk nature of exploration and exploitation of natural resources, technology requirements, environmental concerns, downstream brand promotion and protection issues, political sensitivities, scale and diversity[…]

Is there a right to pre-emptive self-defence in international law and how far can it be extended? Discuss with reference to the US-led military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Introduction International law clearly emphasises respect for state sovereignty. Article 2 (4) of the United Nations (UN) Charter prohibits the use of force in international relations.[…]

‘Freedom from fear’ and ‘freedom from want’ (Human Development Report, UNDP, 1994): is there a difference between human security and international security? A simplistic understanding of ‘international security’ will refer only to security issues pertaining to the international sphere. Yet, of course, it is not that simple. There are many interpretations of the term and[…]

Foreign policy and international politics have been observed through a range of disparate and often competing theories, yet realism has somehow managed to consistently dominate the literature on foreign policy. Whilst it is true that, to some extent, all international relations (IR) theories make certain assumptions about state behaviour,1 the inability of realism to separate[…]

Introduction Since the early 1990s, China has drawn the attention of the international community to its increasing participation in foreign aid. As China does not belong to the group of traditional aid donors, generally known as the Organ isation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it has operated its aid programme largely independently from the[…]

The aim of the assignment is to discuss the above claim. Firstly, the essay will begin by defining humanitarian intervention and the newly adopted ‘responsibility to protect’ principle. Secondly, Mahmood Mamdani’s claim, that ‘peace cannot be built on humanitarian intervention, which is the language of big powers’ will be discussed briefly. Thirdly, the assignment will[…]

“Brexit” and the clash between Europeanisation” and national identity in twenty-first century Europe   Rationale behind the dissertation This dissertation would look at the way in which the process of “Europeanisation” directed by the European Union elite has clashed with the new articulations of the concept of national identity in 21st century Europe (Dunt, 2016, p.[…]

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