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Published: 2021/11/25
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The not unusual dreams of the health neighbourhood are to assemble a patron-focused protected favourite fitness care device; enhance get entry to and decrease inequity; boom the reason of hobby on fitness selling and prevention, screening, and early intervention, moreover to the event of protection, overall performance, and accountability (Australia authorities, 2013).

much like Vietnam, Kenya shares commonplace region similarities primarily based totally on the case have a look at offered. In Kenya, the branch of public health has become created with the mandate to formulate public fitness guidelines and guidelines and facilitate their implementation and evaluation, it’s miles one a number of the oldest departments withinside the federal ministry of health (WHO n.d)

The evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the present day-day organizations and transport of EPHFS

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similar to withinside the Vietnam case have a look at; in Kenya, the medical doctor networks enlarge to the grass-roots diploma. techniques to contribute to the capacity and functionality of groups, to decrease their vulnerability and harm to fitness, are nicely advanced through the commune fitness stations (WHO n.d).

simply like withinside the Vietnam case take a look at, in Kenya, the hygiene and epidemiology community is to be had from the Ministry to the close by degree and is supported thru prevention with the assist of using the commune fitness stations (WHO n.d).

nearly like withinside the Vietnam case studies, in Kenya, there could also be sickness-reporting machines within the place in any respect tiers. In Kenya, the ideas for the detection and management of forms of primary communicable ailments are available from better degrees withinside the device (WHO n.d).

much like in Vietnam, disease outbreaks and one of a kind emergencies are typically nicely controlled. this might be attributed to the Covid 19 outbreak in Kenya in 2020, wherein the virus grew to become well controlled. but the mechanisms to store masses of you emergencies are lots less properly evolved (WHO n.d).

In Vietnam, the authorities have robust insurance of fairness. elimination of starvation, relief of poverty, and consequently the cut price of disadvantage in remote areas are all priorities, however, in Kenya, this equity isn’t always to be had (WHO n.d).


similar to withinside the Vietnam case observe, in Kenya the fitness team of workers, in phrases of numbers, distribution (particularly to disadvantaged regions), high-satisfactory, degree, and breadth of schooling, is normally insufficient (WHO n.d).

In Kenya, information is of low quality, with a complex shape of statistics series

there is low usage of information technology in Kenya.

There are gaps withinside the sickness surveillance device, and therefore the best is variable. (WHO n.d)


just like withinside the Vietnam case take a look at out in Kenya, the overall public fitness education device is growing

the worldwide resource for the development of public health in America of our diploma, mainly that provided with the assist of the usage of the WHO nearby office for East Africa gives probability to bolster the implementation of EPHFs (WHO n.d).

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just like withinside the Vietnam case observe, in Kenya, the style of the global donors exert on the overall public health device thru manner of the method of requirements that region higher priority on multiple vertical packages simply so balanced implementation of EPHFs primarily based totally on Kenya’s goals is hard to understand (WHO n.d).

the relationship between Vietnam and Kenya is that each united states of America are rising countries and there are imbalances withinside the healthcare transport and deficiencies in health care provision way to loss of investment and problems in assembly international regulators on fitness guidelines and regulations (WHO n.d).

what’s to be determined from Kenya is that the resilience of its health care people, who amid disheartening fitness care tools and long-term authorities negligence although prosper to shape a distinction.


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The Australian branch of fitness. (2013, April). countrywide number one health care strategic framework. material/NPHC-StremarkablegicFramework~priorities-and-goals#:~:text=build a customer-targeted incorporated primary health care device safety, overall performance and responsibility.

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