Ava Blackmore

About me:

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion (it can even be called a hunger) for learning and for many years, this passion has extended to writing. I have written numerous works about media, communication, marketing, public relations, lobbying, politics, public opinion, international relations, stakeholder management, internal communication, crisis management, and persuasive communication, to name a few. I am currently employed as a research consultant for an executive search company in the engineering and construction domain for whom I write marketing materials and research reports on a daily basis. My work underscores my adaptability; from my background in the more personal domain of PR, I am able to embrace new industries such as the more impersonal steel world of power stations. To date, I am most proud of my MA dissertation on the subject of gun control, lobby and stakeholders in the US for which I obtained a distinction. This work is still being used as a benchmark by my former University for the masters’ students, giving them an idea of what is needed in order to obtain a First Class mark.


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In your view, what is the most effective way to address the problem of terrorism?

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