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Introduction This essay will discuss the vegan home bakery business Smith Home Bakes, from Austin, Texas, and analyze how the business could benefit from a social media campaign. The essay will then develop the marketing campaign, in terms of specific campaign objectives, target audience, social media marketing activities, campaign success metrics and campaign timeline. Social[…]

This paper will recommend an employee social media use policy as follows: the company’s permitted use policy for employee use of computing equipment to access personal social media accounts is to allow limited access to social media of no more than 60 minutes during the work day, with access restrictions to prevent damage to productivity[…]

This essay will discuss whether Social Media platforms should be allowed to remove or block posts based on the Toulmin argument. The Toulmin argument consists of six parts: claim, grounds, warrant, qualifier, rebuttal, and backing, with the claim linked to the grounds by the warrant, supported on a secondary level by backing, and given context[…]

Social media has had a significant influence on how people interact and communicate today. With the advent of social media, the world has transformed into a global village. A smartphone is necessary for today’s environment since information can be accessed instantly through social media and the internet. Nowadays, rather than depending on newspapers for information,[…]

Over the last decade, media freedom has deteriorated globally, threatening the fundamental right to seek and distribute information through an independent press. This has a continuing negative impact on the state of democracy by limiting the democratic principle of transparency. By making various government operations available to the public for debate and scrutiny, free media[…]

Currently, a large population across the world with ever-changing and evolving technology can access and lead all sorts of news and information, whether positive or negative, through social media. Today all the people than ever before have the advantage of quickly accessing the news, whether political or all other information. In addition to known traditional[…]

Social media is an essential aspect of our life Today. Unlike in the past years, life has become more interesting with the invention of Technology, which led to social media. With the provision of the Internet, social media is tremendously growing in broader perspectives. Many people across the world consume social media, but a significant[…]

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Background Television has become one of the most widespread forms of mass media available to the general public. The popularity of television has grown since it became common in American homes in the middle 1950s. Many homes in America are equipped with a television: about 97% have a VCR, and 74% have[…]

National Museum of Mathematics is an institution in North America devoted to ensuring that Mathematical culture is upheld. The institution enjoys stable funding from various sources, including donor funding, membership, gift shop receipts, and fundraisers. There is a need for the institution to do more of marketing to conveniently serve clients at the same time[…]

Introduction With the rising developments in terms of technology, communication through the media has become an almost basic part of everyone’s life. People spend an average of 25hours per week watching television, reading newspapers, listening to radios or sending messages in the popular social media platforms. Children on the other hand spends and equal amount[…]

Introduction The report focuses on conducting a critical analysis of the article, “LIME: understanding commercial 360° live video streaming services.” The author of the article is elaborate on Live 360 video streaming services, which are typically different from other forms of streaming (Liu et al., 2019). It is important to conduct a critical summary of[…]

According to Rosenfield and Amy Chua’s arguments, the New York times article poses claims of cultural groups that occurred due to the genetic magic of the traditional aspects. The article uses rhetorical analysis to express the writer’s main arguments (Huang, pp 56-70). According to the author’s perspective, the rhetorical analysis combines all the aspects of[…]

Social media plays a critical role in studying the social life of people. Most countries have used different sites to analyze and predict presidential elections. In the United States, social media has been instrumental in influencing people’s behavior to vote, and many candidates tend to use it to present their manifestos to the public. Some[…]

Audience and Purpose Social media use in office administration is on the rise in the recent past, following the high rate of globalization worldwide. The audience of the research involves all stakeholders and administrators who work tirelessly to ensure that operations run according to the planned programs. Organizations should be at the forefront to ensure[…]

Mini-Literature Review The potential of the podcast in the UK The worldwide podcasting was valued to be USD 9.28 Billion in 2019 and research estimated an annual growth rate of 27.5% from 20120 to 2027. The rapid growth in podcasting with vast publisher podcasts has attracted a lot of attention from the bigger budgets in[…]

Organizations that have an objective of doing better in the consumer market must consider an appropriate and sustainable public relations strategy. The public image plays a crucial role in marketing, and the increased use of social media has significantly impacted the face of public relations globally. Therefore, it is essential to examine the negative effects[…]

Media is of paramount importance in any society because the country’s economic, social and political aspects are usually directly related to the media. Politicians usually collaborate with the government in order to mobilize their agenda to the general public. Just like a couple of global nations, United States has witnessed political violence since its colonial[…]

In the contemporary world, media has become a great source of influence on the appearance and what persona society has to exhibit. The growing need to get the absolute look has made consumers try as many advertised products to satisfy their desires. As a result, people have altered their attitudes, beliefs, behaviours as well as[…]

Introduction Research studies indicate that media causes violence and plays a role in desensitization, aggressive behavior, fear of harm, and nightmares. Examples of media platforms include movies, video games, television, and music. Violence in media has also been associated with health concerns. The youth have been the most common victims of media exposure and thus[…]

Introduction According to Aristotle’s Golden mean philosophy, two extremes define the principles of media ethics within society. Media and ethics are interrelated as ethical standards provide directions and guidelines on how to handle various media production activities (Bertrand, 2018). The paper takes a close look at the concept of media ethics and establishes how learning[…]

1.0 Introduction The spread of fake news is on the rise with the increased use of the internet on a global front in the recent past. It is important to understand the impact of such fake on different groups within the society as a way of understanding the effect news can have in the community[…]

How have specific media technologies helped to shape the formation of new communities? Introduction Media technology plays a very vital role not only when it comes to education but also when it comes to religion, culture, believes, and personal thoughts. These religions, education, feel, and personal opinions are, in other words, what we call communities.[…]

With the concurrent widespread of new technology and social networking, cyberbullying and cyber harassment have highly been reported especially to youth. According to the technology, cyberbullying can be defined as hostile communications and interactions that occur concessionary via electronic media. The scientist argues that cyberbullying causes temporal aggression in communications since most people intents to[…]

Hidden Figures is a 2016 film directed by Theodore Melfi and starring Viola Davis and Regina King. The film is based on the untold real tale of three African American female NASA employees, Katherine Gobels Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and their segregation. This film is set in the 1960s. Throughout the film, Katherine, Mary,[…]

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