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With attention to technology, audience expectation and interaction, what are the forthcoming key industry and broadcast trends that you see shaping your chosen specialism and why? : Children’s Television Abstract Television programmes that have been made specifically for children continue to be a vehemently debated subject within the academic community as well as by media[…]

Introduction “TV bully Jeremy Kyle got the message when a man threw an envelope back. The offended presenter should remember – don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.” Voice of the Mirror (9th October 2010) The foregoing is arguably the boldest piece of critical reaction that can be found in the media following[…]

Literature Review The Adaptation Industry Adaptations are not a new occurrence. Dramatists, writers and artists, from before the time of Shakespeare, have re-purposed material for their own generations. Hutcheon defines an adaptation as an “extended, deliberate, announced revisitation of a particular work of art” (2006, p.170). Hutcheon is referring to the product of adaptation, although[…]

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