Essay on Negative Impact of Social Media on Public Relations

Published: 2021/11/17
Number of words: 689

Organizations that have an objective of doing better in the consumer market must consider an appropriate and sustainable public relations strategy. The public image plays a crucial role in marketing, and the increased use of social media has significantly impacted the face of public relations globally. Therefore, it is essential to examine the negative effects that social media has had on public relations practice (Ngai, Tao & Moon, 2015). Notable negative impacts of social media on public relations include competition with bloggers or influencers, focus on deadline and not quality, and importantly, the emergence of new success parameters.

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Social media use has impacted the face of public relations negatively, given that it has led to the emergence of new success parameters for organizations. For instance, clients in the current world are not interested in the printing of information on mainstream media and print. Instead, many prefer spearheading their campaigns on social media, which has attracted massive traffic in the recent past. Platforms such as twitter, Google, Facebook, and Instagram play a crucial role in creating awareness, providing leads for the organization, and creating a reputable public image (Einwiller & Steilen, 2015). As such, companies have shifted from the use of mainstream media and resolved to use of social media to push their agenda (Valentini, 2015). A large number of followers on a social media platform indicate a brand’s popularity across the general public. Therefore, it is certain to assert that social media has impacted the face of marketing and public relations negatively.

Headline driven use of social media has influenced public relations negatively since there is a notable shift of focus from quality to deadlines. Social media use has resulted in a change in focus in the way that business operations are conducted. Social media prioritizes headlines over the quality of the products that a particular organization presents to the market. The main aim of the companies is to beat targets and achieve the set objectives as far as marketing is concerned. The notion has impacted public relations negatively since many do not take time to ensure what they preach on social media is true of the products and services they offer.

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Competition among bloggers and other social media influencers is on the rise. Using social media to campaign for a particular brand requires following from the target audience, which is not usually controlled by the organizations. Content creators have a vast following n social media, which makes them appropriate for hire by organizations who want to push their agenda on the internet (Ceron, 2015). The competition is a negative implication to both companies and bloggers, who would use any means to ensure that the message is home.

To sum it up, social media use has affected how companies are conducting their business operations globally. Negative effects include the emerging competition among bloggers, a shift of focus from quality to deadlines, and the emergence of new success parameters. On the other hand, it is essential to note that social media platforms have also had a positive impact on the face of public relations globally. Through social media, companies can market their products and promote the public image. Moreover, social media helps companies create awareness on existing market products, competitors, and future expectations in the consumer market. Conclusively, the demerits of social media use on public relations are far much felt than the positive contributions made by the same to the society.


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