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Published: 2021/11/16
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Money is an aspect that determines one’s happiness in different circumstances, depending on what it does to one. The wellbeing of an individual is typically associated with his/her happiness. Money is a means of exchange and can be used to make individuals happy upon expenditure (Yıldız, 2016). For instance, one can use money to raise his/her standards of living to a level that satisfies them. Various communities in the world have different lifestyles that are adored by most members of the society. It is essential to examine the relationship between money and happiness among members of the society. Money makes life easy by providing basics that are important for happiness and satisfaction (Yıldız, 2016). For instance, one can use money to buy medicine, educate people, and even create a serene environment for relaxation. Such aspects make money have an attachment to happiness. However, it is not necessarily true that money brings joy in an individual as it leads to crime and insecurity.

Problem Statement

Happiness is essential even amongst employees of any company as it can ensure the retention of top skilled staff. In most situations, when people are accorded high pay and other monetary related rewards, they tend to do better in their operations. Equally, individuals living in abject poverty might lack the necessary resources to obtain basics that are meant for survival. As for the rich, one can buy anything that makes them happy at whatever price (D’Ambrosio, Jäntti & Lepinteur, 2019). The fact that money evokes a spirit of happiness in many individuals is true even though it makes some to cry in the end. The study explores the role of money in making people happy or sad in life. It is also important to note that some people re happy even though they do not have much money or richness with them.

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Happiness implies a situation where one’s life is good and that the individuals are comfortable with the state of life. Materialistic aspects within the society support happiness, and money is one significant material factor. It is through money that families go on holiday to have fun with their loved ones (D’Ambrosio, Jäntti & Lepinteur, 2019). People within the society have different perceptions of money and what it does to make one happy. A background check on the topic of discussion will be necessary to establish facts that other researchers have presented in regards to money and happiness.


The study seeks to explore the role of money in boosting happiness within the society.

Supporting Evidence

Money makes life comfortable when spending fits one’s personality according to research conducted by Matz, Gladstone, and Stillwell. In the year 2016, the research echoed the role of money in providing the necessary support in life to make one happy. Money buys food for everyone, and lack of enough of it can make one go hungry (Matz, Gladstone & Stillwell, 2016). For instance, some individuals suffer from conditions that require the taking of specified meals. Such meals are expensive, making it hard for many people to manage without enough money. Most people who live in poverty cannot finance healthy meals three times a day. Eating a meal of choice is essential to each individual within the society, which is a source of happiness. Money has a close relationship with happiness as it provides meals of choice (Muresan, Ciumas & Achim, 2019). When one wants to take a specific meal, they can purchase the food by using money. Money is an essential element for nurturing a well-fed and happy society.

The second aspect that makes money important in creating happiness is the fact that it can deliver a serene environment. With money, an individual creates and modifies the environment to suit preferences and tastes. Hotels and resorts make money from creating cool environments for vacation and relaxing (Mogilner & Norton, 2016). Such environments are expensive and meant for the rich in society, creating a notion that money is the sole source of happiness. Spending the right way during vacation is a source of happiness for many, making money a significant factor for anyone on holiday. A serene environment allows one to relax and reflect on personal issues that are affecting one’s life. Equally, money enables one to construct a self-contained homestead with the features of preference put in place. Money is an essential aspect as it enables one to purchase construction materials for the building of a home (Mogilner & Norton, 2016). Individuals with enough of the resources end up constructing beautiful homes that spark a feeling of happiness among the residents.

Some diseases require money to heal as the medicine involved is expensive. Chronic diseases are expensive to handle, and the vulnerable in society might not be in a position to handle outbreaks due to the expensive procedures involved (Mogilner & Norton, 2016). For instance, cancer is an issue that has plagued many poor societies as the drugs for treatment are expensive for the poor. As such, with a limited amount of money, one might fail to access the necessary care meant to cure a specific condition. In the event, family members are denied happiness as such cases end up fatal (Bartolini, Mikucka & Sarracino, 2017). Money is a critical aspect that can help fight deadly diseases, especially when the therapy involved and drugs are expensive. When n individual lacks enough resources to go for medical care, there is a likelihood that they will pass on, which deprives family members of their happiness (Bartolini, Mikucka & Sarracino, 2017). It is important to examine the role of money in helping fight chronic diseases and other deadly outbreaks within the society.

Money has promoted education and civilization in various societies on a global front. It is through money that one can access quality education to transform the society. People from poor backgrounds are disadvantaged for the lack of enough resources to provide the required education. The rich have the opportunity to educate their children in international institutions that nurture talent and professionalism (Bartolini, Mikucka & Sarracino, 2017). The poor do not get the opportunity to quality education, a factor widening the rift between the rich and the poor. Through quality education, an individual gains satisfaction, which is a prerequisite for happiness among many.

Refuting Argument

Money is not the source of happiness in the world s some could argue. This is because money has made many lose their lives in the event of looking for money. The existence of the rich and the poor within the society is an indication that money is not everything. Crime cases have gone up due to the love of money. Happiness can arise from within, and one does not have to be rich to enjoy life (Muresan, Ciumas & Achim, 2019). The love for money has made many people commit crimes in the name of searching for money. As such, one can presume that money is the source of the high crime rates experienced in many countries. Criminals cannot stop at anything until they obtain money illegally from an individual. Happiness can be obtained through inner satisfaction on various matters(Muresan, Ciumas & Achim, 2019)It does not have to be money that is used to make one comfortable.

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The love for money has escalated to another level to the extent of a society losing its morality. People are concerned with looking for money as a source of happiness, even though they end up being frustrated. There are many individuals across the world with purchasing power, however, the money does not deliver the desired happiness. The society has lost moral standards due to the increased evils associated with money (Muresan, Ciumas & Achim, 2019). People go as far as killing for money, a factor that depicts the society as eroded with ethical values. Money has led to the erosion of humanity, which has bred hatred and unwanted conflicts within the society. Money should not be seen as the source of happiness but can be used to make one comfortable.


To sum it up, money and happiness are two aspects that are interrelated as one provides more comfort. It is important to examine various ways that many can create happiness within an individual. Money enables individuals to buy food, accommodation, drugs, and fund educational activities within the society. In the event, one meets his/her needs using money, which is a significant factor in sparkling happiness. However, the love of money has been the source of all evil, including crime, corruption, and embezzlement of funds. Money sparks happiness but does not guarantee happiness for anyone within the society.


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