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With the concurrent widespread of new technology and social networking, cyberbullying and cyber harassment have highly been reported especially to youth. According to the technology, cyberbullying can be defined as hostile communications and interactions that occur concessionary via electronic media. The scientist argues that cyberbullying causes temporal aggression in communications since most people intents to[…]

Hidden Figures is a 2016 film directed by Theodore Melfi and starring Viola Davis and Regina King. The film is based on the untold real tale of three African American female NASA employees, Katherine Gobels Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, and their segregation. This film is set in the 1960s. Throughout the film, Katherine, Mary,[…]

Introduction The encoding and decoding model of communication is an argument that was first proposed by Stuart Hall in 1973.Hall was a successful Jamaican-born (Shepherd, 2020) scholar of the British Cultural Studies (Abugu, 2020). Hall argued that the concept of language and communication was not as easy as the researchers before him proposed (Teel, 2017).[…]

Introduction The rise of Stereotypes in younger people’s lives has posed direct experience contributed by social media such as Disney Aminated Films. According to today’s technology, television and movies act as the primary socializing platforms, thus endorsing many younger people with images and information which reinforces stereotypes in their lives. This article research shows that,[…]

Introduction Politics is a field that is fast changing due to the adoption of digital media in almost all operations. The use of digital media to always address political issues is not something new in the current global world. Politicians and political parties are using technology to their advantage in a bid to drive their[…]

Contents Digital Media Strategy for Apple Inc 3 Introduction 3 Environmental Scan 3 Target Audience 4 Communication Audit 5 Main Discourse Topics and Opportunities 5 Communication Goals 6 Recommendations 6 Conclusion 7 References 8 Digital Media Strategy for Apple Inc. Introduction The increased use of technology across many sectors in the economy has necessitated that[…]

Introduction Nowadays, modern media has become a primary key source of presenting what is going around worldwide. Many people and the mass media have been reported to be obsessed with crime, whereby the current newspapers are full of nonfiction and fiction crime news. According to (Lankford and Madfis, 2018), newspapers have been reported to present[…]

Fair competition in telecommunication sector is good since it enables different companies to provide more efficient telecommunication services to their prospective customers. Any business that faces fair and ethical competition has high chances of improving and providing more efficient services and goods to its clients, unlike companies that do not face any competition (Rodríguez et al., 2021).[…]

Cinderella is a Disney romantic and fantasy film produced in 2015, a screenplay authored by Chris Weitz and directed by Branagh Kenneth. The film’s co-producers consist of Walt Disney Pictures, Beagle Plug Films, Allison Shearmur Productions, and Kinberg Genre. Cinderella bases its storyline on a folktale hence a live-action conceptualization of the animated film that[…]

A magazine by the name Freedom’s Journal was actually the first journal to be owned by African Americans. This journal was published on 16th March 1827. The pioneers or rather the people involved in the creation of Freedom’s journal were Samuel Cornish and Russwurm who were free-born men. The information that was in this journal[…]

Technological advancement has impacted media planning more strategically. A recent technology that is being applied in the media industry is the media planning software. It is crucial to understand how the application of the software in the media industry has helped significantly. The software has several advantages to the client in a bid to manage[…]

With attention to technology, audience expectation and interaction, what are the forthcoming key industry and broadcast trends that you see shaping your chosen specialism and why? : Children’s Television Abstract Television programmes that have been made specifically for children continue to be a vehemently debated subject within the academic community as well as by media[…]

Introduction “TV bully Jeremy Kyle got the message when a man threw an envelope back. The offended presenter should remember – don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.” Voice of the Mirror (9th October 2010) The foregoing is arguably the boldest piece of critical reaction that can be found in the media following[…]

Literature Review The Adaptation Industry Adaptations are not a new occurrence. Dramatists, writers and artists, from before the time of Shakespeare, have re-purposed material for their own generations. Hutcheon defines an adaptation as an “extended, deliberate, announced revisitation of a particular work of art” (2006, p.170). Hutcheon is referring to the product of adaptation, although[…]

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