Essay on Crimes in the Northern Ireland

Published: 2021/11/08
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Nowadays, modern media has become a primary key source of presenting what is going around worldwide. Many people and the mass media have been reported to be obsessed with crime, whereby the current newspapers are full of nonfiction and fiction crime news. According to (Lankford and Madfis, 2018), newspapers have been reported to present distorted views on crime matters such that the news is either over-represented or exaggerated. This may cause a significant risk to some people who may end up believing that they are most probably the victims. Most of the news in the newspapers lacks evidence. Hence, they are more likely to be misrepresented and misunderstood. The crime rate in Northern Ireland has recently decreased, especially burglary, criminal damage, and public order offenses. Some newspapers suggest that stories related to crime are prominently featured, and most of the time, they portray police officers as effective when responding to criminal incidents. Newspapers have failed to issue the public with a meaningful account of the use and possession of drugs in Northern Ireland. Misrepresentation of information may cause mental health to the victims, leading to depression and later death. According to Vossler, Havard, Pike, Barker, and Raabe (2017), moral rules and understanding play a major role in criminal justice. The authors have discussed that people should learn how to deal with offending behaviors from other people to avoid self-harm. Media representation can sometimes harm and create tensions to individuals who appear the first suspects before evidence against them is issued. The police statistics are said to be accountable because most of the data have been well researched to avoid making mistakes, especially when criminal justice is involved.

Summary of the newspaper

The Irish Times newspaper published that the use of cocaine has increased in Northern Ireland. The figures that the Irish times released reported that cocaine worth 2.1 billion got seized in Maoc operations. It reported that the drug agency found vessels carrying 25 tons of the illegal drug, whereby in 2018, the agency had also seized 13 vessels, which had carried 15.7 tons. According to the news media, the increase in the growth of cocaine has reflected a high number of vessels carrying the drugs from Southern American nations to the Western coast of Europe. The high number of transportations is to meet the high number of demands of growing and using the drug.

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Nonetheless, the sale of European cocaine has grown to 9.1 billion, whereby the media recorded that that was a 60 % increase compared to other years. It also recorded that Mr. O’Sullivan, who is the agency’s chief executive, stated, “There is more cocaine production, and there are also more vessels coming in.” Moreover, the media presented that many people were taken between 2017 and 2018 to rehab due to addiction from excessive use of the drug. Their statistic showed that the number increased by 50 percent. The report indicated that the low level of crime rate recorded in that particular country was due to the many people who were getting into the cocaine business. The high growth rate of cocaine in the area has increased the addiction rate due to its excessive use (Antoine et., 2020). The Irish Times added that since individuals established the agency in 2006, the total 2.1 billion that was seized in Maoc marked the most massive haul.

Critique of the newspaper

From the point of view, the newspaper has not indicated whether the report came from the police statistical data or not. Most of the time, media representation is always considered right and remains unquestionable, which should not be the case. The media, especially newspapers, should contain accurate information by having evidence to avoid mispresenting the data. This is because fake data might tarnish a person, and also fake news may lead to conflicts. Furthermore, the police report data shows an increase of 7.6% use of illegal drugs in 2017-2019. The numbers have been increasing every year, showing a higher increase in the growth rate. From the same particular data, possession of controlled drugs, excluding cannabis, shows an increased change of 22.3% within 2017-2019. The report showed an increase of 2097 in 2018-2019 from 1714 in the year 2017-2018.

On the other hand, the possession of cannabis shows an increase of 5.7% in Northern Ireland. Besides, from this police report data, there is an increased usage of illegal drugs in Ireland. The use of cannabis has also increased, whereby in 2017-2018, the report showed 5602, but in the year 2018-2019, it had increased with 598 making 6200 of the total reported cases. The newspapers should present a report containing approved data so that the public can learn about the increasing or decreasing nature of illegal drugs in the country. Though the Irish Times may not have misinterpreted the data, it has not clearly shown the total increase or decrease in the use of illegal drugs in Ireland. According to Brewer, Wilford, Guelke, Hume, and Moxon-Browne (2016), the police report’s data is reliable since it represents most of the crimes conducted and appropriately researched. Media houses sometimes write the news to acquire many viewers after becoming the first people who have published the news.

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Discussion of the police report

Most of the time, the police report always shows clarity, conciseness, and is well organized. Police reports may have also lead to the decline of the Northern Ireland crime rate since with the statistical reports, they can work on that particular matter correctly. Moreover, reports are valuable since they serve to document incidences and may help develop a solution on how to deal with it, especially when monitoring peace (Wilson, 2016). The statistical report is vital because it shows the data representing each year; hence it is easy to determine the increase and decrease of a crime rate. The Northern Ireland police report does not present all the crimes that occur in the country, but it has clearly outlined more serious crimes that may end up deteriorating the economy. The data portrayed in the spreadsheet between 2017-2019 can be reliable since even the media have presented the information only that they do not have the actual data. Police are responsible for making sure that there are peace and harmony in a nation. Hence, the Ireland police report will ensure that justice is served well with the available statistical data reports. The police will find an amicable solution to fight crimes in the area. Police reports cannot be merely written data, but it should be researched data with evidence. However, increased crime rates in Ireland have resulted in many increased deaths with the years (Uggla and Mace, 2015). Northern Ireland Police play a vital role in finding a solution to the conflict involved in society due to the many divisions. Police report data can trace the crimes and know how to deal with the areas that have increased crime rates.


Many people use the media such as the newspaper as their main source of information to know what is happening in their country or the world. Newspapers are the most used sources due to their flexibility and can be used anytime at any place. The government should impose penalties on the media house who does provide fake news to society. As discussed above, many people have started fearing using the newspapers as their main sources since they are fundamentally subversive and a major cause of offending. Most people believe that media representations nowadays exaggerate the public news about law and order, thus generating supports for repressive solutions. The media houses should issue their information basing on the police data to avoid misinterpretation and misrepresentation.


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