Essay on Social Media Strategy for MoMath

Published: 2021/12/03
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National Museum of Mathematics is an institution in North America devoted to ensuring that Mathematical culture is upheld. The institution enjoys stable funding from various sources, including donor funding, membership, gift shop receipts, and fundraisers. There is a need for the institution to do more of marketing to conveniently serve clients at the same time regard mathematics as a discipline. The increasing use of social media by many people across the world can make the dream of the institution come true. This can be done by devising a viable strategy to spearhead online campaigns. With such campaigns, many are made aware of the existing opportunities and services offered. A significant strategy that can be used by MoMath is the use of multiple platforms to ensure the chances of reaching a wider market are enhanced. For instance, the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, and other platforms can help MoMath achieve the set goals (Al Khalili, 2018). The study examines the strategy in detail and how it can be implemented to ensure that its intended aim is achieved.

Facebook is one platform that can help the Museum reach out to many people. Many mathematics scholars would love to be recognized with the institution for their skill in maths. As such, establishing a way that all interested Facebook users can access them is a plus. There are over three billion people in the world who have access to Facebook currently. This indicates that there is huge traffic online that should be tapped by the institution. The social media platform can be able to provide space for advertisements for MoMath. Bots that have been recently allowed on facebook messenger apps can also help the institution. They are automated to provide automatic responses to users without the presence of a human factor. Through such bots, MoMath can make known to the public their activities and even collect key details on other events of interest. use of bots and advertisements on Facebook is an advantage for the institution to create awareness in a bid to ensure that its objectives are achieved.

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Twitter is a direct platform, especially for one on one communication. It has relatively fewer users per month as compared to other platforms. MoMath can use Twitter to ensure that it reaches out to more people who can potentially be donors, participants, or members. Being more precise on what the institution is communicating is an important aspect, especially on Twitter. Creating video content for users is also a step towards ensuring that their posts are more captivating to users on the platform. For instance, MoMath can opt to prepare short videos of already solved mathematical issues, which can interest the audience. Equally, sharing in real-time news regarding the institution, and any discoveries can be made on twitter easily than any other platform. As such, Twitter is an important app in the ensuring that social media strategy for MoMath is implemented.

Instagram is another significant social media platform that many companies and businesses are employing to create more awareness and sell. MoMath can market their events easily on Instagram Ad stories, which came up recently. Statistics indicate that over 400 million people can view insta stories every day. This means Instagram provides a better return on Investment for many companies across the world as compared to Facebook and others. Short videos of the institution that are appealing can be shared online to capture the audience. As such, social media marketing through Instagram can project MoMath to a different level. Instagram shopping is also on the rise as many can be able to view and order items that are appealing to them. On an equal measure, events that are happening regarding MoMath can be advertised, and participants will have a chance to register online. This development can help reduce involved bureaucracies that hamper possible registration of new members. MoMath should apply the approach and ensure the institution objectives set are achieved.

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Youtube plays a critical role in the digital marketing in many companies globally. This is because the videos that people watch on various channels on the platform are helpful. MoMath should make good use of the platform and ensure that videos of their events and contents that take place are aired online. Online training can be helpful and can attract heavy traffic online. In essence, Youtube is a major force in content marketing and it cannot be ignored. MoMath should engage the services of the platform and ensure that content posted on their channel is captivating. Such an approach can help the institution reach greater heights, given the ease of spreading information online.

To sum it up, MoMath has a chance of doing better in the future, given its financial position. Employing a strategy that aims to use multiple platforms to marketing on social media can prove to be fruitful for the institution. Essentially, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are leading the race with their ability to capture more users. The use of online shops, chatbots, artificial intelligence, and captivating video content can take the institution to another level.


Al Khalili, M. (2018). Barriers Impacting Social Media Marketing in Industrial B2B Organizations. Robert Morris University.

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