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“Thinking about Strategy and Security” Literature Review Topic: Arms Control and Disarmament The issue of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons is critical today as the ability to split the atom may be possible not only for the so-called rogue states, namely Iran and North Korea, but also for terrorist groups. Opinions vary on how to prevent[…]

By the late 1940s and 1950s, Western nation-states started to see their hegemonic and monolithic conceptions of culture and geographical spaces being threatened. With the end of the World War II in 1945 and Europe’s processes of decolonisation, there was a massive displacement of people from the poorest areas of the globe to the “developing”[…]

As the projectors closed in on his small figure, a dejected and crippled Zubin Varla feebly limped onto the stage as Saleem Sinai, the fallen star of Rushdie’s first masterpiece, the nose that launched a thousand allegories. The 2003 theatre dramatisation of the novel that won the Booker of Bookers proceeded to trace the gradual[…]

Discuss the representation of the Modern Japanese Family in the first scene of Nobody Knows (Chapter 1) and the clip shown in the seminar (Chapter 8). This paper explores the Japanese film Nobody Knows, looking at Japanese culture, as the film exaggerates an aspect of Japanese society in order to convey ideas. The film concentrates[…]

In a world dominated by the visual media, films are a wide source of popular knowledge about historical events. The film Zwartboek (‘Black Book’) released in 2006 is set in 1940s occupied Holland, and provides a snapshot into the experience of a young Jewish woman who partakes in the Dutch Resistance against German occupation. It[…]

Introduction The main aim of this research proposal is to investigate and evaluate the impact and effect that Part 4 of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) (1995) has on higher education providers for the purpose of determining to what extent they have been affected by the legislation. If to a medium extent, it will be[…]

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