Essay on Culture As the Context That Establishes Media Industry Activities

Published: 2021/12/16
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Regardless of reality that many of us spend a significant portion of our lives interacting with media, we undoubtedly perceive significantly less concerning the reasons media are created. Many of us are familiar with the media texts such as the movies, magazines, songs, television that we watch and listen to. Practically, we are users of media since we understand where to source the content we desire. The one facet of media that several individuals have little knowledge about is how media is categorized and functions as industries. Numerous media used globally are formed by businesses intended to make a profit, and the initiatives have been making money. By examining how media establishments function and are instituted in cultural structures, we can comprehend why and how the content we intermingle with is produced.

Similar to how society operates and is fashioned somehow by media communications, it thrives with culture. Cultural outcomes and their influence can impart which media venue individuals prefer. Mass media channels are mainly measured to comprise newspapers, television, radio, games that we play online, magazines, and internet media, for instance, blogs. Culture usually denotes the mutual standards, views, principles, and practices that describe a collective group, establishment, or organization. It isn’t easy to draw a precise culture designation as they are unsolidified, varied, and usually coinciding.

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In performing their activities, the media establishments disseminate views, opinions, and statistics in society. Media industry products are significant in outlining public debates and insights of various cultures. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how these media industries relay their products. This is best understood by framing how and why these organizations are defined in terms of cultural context rather than their various forms such as television, radio, newspapers, etc.

Certain circumstances may inspire media industries to perform in various ways; for instance, editors continuously source the best material and usually protest the absence of human concern stories. Individuals who operate in inventive establishments offer captivating human stories; therefore, writing about them can be compelling. Such situations are the contextual, cultural aspects that make media industries react and act precisely or astonishingly. Therefore, this study acknowledges the substantial capital and influence of media industries. It is also vital to state that these media industries have their intricacies and variations.

Television, radio, and other media channels do not convey information built from a mere space. Various means influence the information that is relayed by these media tools. Such stories are created under several environments and circumstances. For example, contemporary technologies and the prospect of digital media dissemination may be altering how we obtain media. For instance, there is a significant distinction on how print media operated before and after the prospect of digital dissemination. For it to be predominant and commercial, it should not merely prepare ideologies that benefit the welfares of society’s privileged, since the fortunate class compose a tiny portion of the American culture and may consume diverse media compared to those aimed by the content they rally. Therefore, media industries accordingly structure content aimed toward apparent audiences as an approach for commercial accomplishment. This acknowledgment of the necessity to target vast and varied audiences permits the conception of media with a broader range of conceptual views than if only the privileged involved in developing media were aimed.

Another aspect that defines the media industry based on cultural context concerns the ideas that exist within the media content. Hence, this study argues that the independence of the individuals or agencies within these media industries is vital in realizing how the media industries operate. Therefore, we question the aspects of the individuals working in media industries. Does purpose drive artistic personnel, or could they articulate their innovative ideas for other ends? The independence of these individuals may be restricted by an assortment of forces comprising the cultures from which they originate, the primary concern of their industries, and the media resolutions in which they operate.

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Another idea that makes media industries define culture as the contextual configurations in which they function is the cultures of fabrication within which media personnel exist. Media employees adhere to the industry customs regarding what their consumers need and what will or will not be commercially productive. Therefore it implies that when media industries perform something unanticipated or boundary confronting, it is habitually due to the resourcefulness or tenacity of the workforces or distinctive business culture. The urgencies of the industry an individual works for, together with the supervision panache of one’s officials, can also define the industry. Some corporations pursue a firm and orthodox path to accomplishment, while others stress creating the next immense thing. Such diverse weights delineate organization otherwise.


My definition of media industry operations has been transformed from the usual belief that the description of media lies beyond the goods and products shaped by these industries. I am made to understand that certain factors emphasize culture as the context that constructs media industry tasks. The content relayed by media tools such as television, radio, films, etc., is based on the factors within media industries.


Havens, T., & Lotz, A. (2017). Understanding media industries. Oxford University Press.

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