The Doctor Movie Review

Published: 2021/12/06
Number of words: 629

The doctor movie is one of the best movies that talks about a surgeon doctor who faces problems of confrontation with his patients. Dr.Jack Mackee he is known for his cool attribute by his co-workers who believe in him as being very successful in his career life in the movie context. Jack has a wife and son who depend on him as a breadwinner in the family until he starts to notice some unbearable coughing and huffs that become serious to the extent of even coughing blood then later he realizes he has throat cancer. Jack, then he finds himself in the state of negligence, humiliations, indifference and strict regulations that many patients go through while in the hospitals (The Doctor, 1991).

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The throat cancer disease causes some family issues when the doctor decides to abandon his family and instead spend most of his time enquiring advice from the woman with the brain tumor (June Ellis) who is recognized as the healer of Jack (The Doctor, 1991). Through his engagement with June, the jack can know the meaning of being a leader through his career since everyone trusts him as a doctor with their life. Through the watch of this movie a person can tell the various examples and non-examples of servant leadership in the society and more so in our case Doctor is the subject. Using the doctor movie to teach about leadership to students it offers a lot of benefits in the learning process in that movies have enormous impacts on students’ perspectives in life on how to handle some matters in life.

Jack portrays an excellent image by accepting the treatments and also being open to June who’s undergoing the fourth stage of brain cancer in her life. The character of making the patients know that whatever the treatments they go through shows that their doctors care much for them and that’s why they should earn their trust when it comes to treatment of serious diseases. The doctor took so long to notice cancer since the insurance company had known the expense of that disease because the use of MRI treats it (The Doctor, 1991). The ignorance and neglecting of the doctor’s situation by the insurance cover is a character of lousy servant leadership since a leader is someone who cares and serves his people fairly and with all it takes. During the stay at the hospital, Jack notices some offending behaviors among his fellow doctors that don’t recognize patients as human beings by calling them the horrible nickname like “terminal.”

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Jack shows a character of not being honest by not opening up to his wife about the health condition he is going through, and this is a sign of non-example of servant leadership qualities. Jack is very far from flawless; this character is shown by jack when he opens up to the June who is suffering from brain tumor they talk and bond and even take a mystical trip to the desert. The caring of jack gives it away for June to prove to him that life is worth living and as a leader; it is their priority to make sure that safety and protection of health come first (The Doctor, 1991). In this film, we can gladly say that the doctor portrays an inquisitive fear and yearning to some imagined scenes; showing the end and how one has gone through a particular journey of discovering emotions. Lastly, the movies try to elaborate on the right or evil acts of the doctor that relates to examples of serving as a leader in the hospital or society.


The Doctor. Performed by William Hurt, Mandy Patinkin, Elizabeth Perkins, Christine Lahti. U.S.A.: Buena Vista Pictures, 1991. Film

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