Simone Attwater

About me:

I am a freelance worker in the arts industry and I also volunteer in cultural organisations. I have a Master’s degree in Fine Art from Newcastle University and a BA from the University of Lisbon. My background is one of immersion in theoretical study and more than seven years of experience in academic writing.

My BA included in-depth study of cultural and visual theory, art history (including contemporary art), philosophy, aesthetics, art critique and media and communication theory. For my Master’s degree and as part of my dissertation I did research into the topics of post-colonial theory, social anthropology, semiotics and cultural studies.

I regularly attend seminars and conferences and enjoy keeping up with literature and educating myself in novel areas. I am also interested in education and teaching practices and hold a certificate in Teaching and Learning for Higher Education from Newcastle University.

Skills and qualities developed during my work and academic experience include decision-making and creative problem solving. I like to be organised and take time to plan my work. I pay extra attention to detail.


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A Focus on Alterity in Contemporary Cultural Production.

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