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Anomalous monism, as advocated by Davidson (1970), provides a plausible account of the relationship between the mind and the body. The position Davidson adopts is characterised by two key claims. First, all events (including the mental) fall into the class of physical events, and thus there is one type of thing in the world (hence[…]

Reflecting on a proposed ultimacy to the work and thought of Samuel Beckett, John Barth imagines: ‘How about an empty, silent stage, then, or blank pages–a “happening” where nothing happens, like John Cage’s 4’33” performed in an empty hall?’(The Friday Book, 67). It is a suggestion entirely consistent with the ideas Beckett pursued along his[…]

In this essay I will analyse the characteristics of the Overman and the Last Man, as well as investigate what use Nietzsche had for illustrating these two personas. Through exposition of this dichotomy and by illustrating the contrast between the two, I will uncover the key differences. Moreover, I will identify the philosophical problems that[…]

In Plato’s work, Crito, the judgment that Socrates makes with regard to his own fate is in accordance with his character, the moral principles and virtues he has preached throughout his life, and the role he has established for himself in his relations and responsibilities to others and the state. In this regard, it is[…]

To address the question posed, an evaluative review of the historical development of psychology, its current state and the direction it appears to be taking in conjunction with its coherence with science will be the main focus of this essay. The second part of the question, whether psychology should be regarded as a science, will[…]

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