Harry Parker

About me:

My first degree was in Media Studies, which I completed in 2006. Since then I have worked in the public and private sector as a Sales Manager for a publishing company and I have five years’ experience as a course leader and lecturer working on BTEC, A-Level and HND courses.

I have recently completed an MA in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis. I decided to make an academic shift because my studies and teaching in media led me to become more interested in the psychological effects of the media. What also intrigues me is the ethical considerations of different types of conscience, which is to some degree conditioned through the effects of media.

Currently I am a freelance writer and photographer, as well as guest lecturing at universities and colleges. I write and produce radio content and also perform stand-up comedy. In the next five years I am aiming to complete a PHD as well as to write and perform in plays and short films.


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How are we to understand the contrast between the Overman and the Last Man?

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