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Mental health and homelessness are two issues that are intricately linked. This essay will discuss mental health issues and the homeless population, and will draw conclusions about the relationship between mental health and homelessness. This essay will also draw on statistics regarding mental healthcare and homelessness, and explain the impact of closing institutions for the[…]

Personality Assessment Inventory- Adolescent (PAI-A) was created to be used in conjunction with its parent tool, Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI). Many professionals have shown interest in using PAI with adolescent populations in therapeutic settings, resulting in tool development. As a result, PAI-A is in many ways similar to the adult version of the device. It[…]

Stress management is important for daily living. The world presents endless challenges and barriers that cause problems for people to stress and obsess. While current problems are dominantly mental, the body maintains its flight-or-fight response to handling stress (Olpin & Hesson, 2016). The body tenses up when a threat has been identified and relaxes when[…]

Abstract Gambling addiction, also referred as gambling disorder or compulsive gambling, is an impulse-control disorder. The problem persists beyond control irrespective of the consequences. Over the recent years, problem gambling has been a common threat around the world with the rising number of online gambling sites, casinos, poker machines, sports betting, among other forms. Problem[…]

Social media is a vastly adopted technology in modern society. Teenagers are the major users of this technology, making it part of their daily routine and life. Notably, most of these young people regard social media as an essential entity in their life (Nesi 118). This form of embracement, however, has some associated benefits to[…]

Diversity is how varied living things are in a given environment. Plants, animals, humans, and the natural world have several variations. Human beings are very different, they vary in several ways such as cultural, biological, social, individual, life events, among other ways. The diversity of humans can be from life choice and range from individual[…]

Whenever there is a mass shooting in the United States of America, it does not take long before pundits blame violent video games and movies. At the same time, some people often take an opposing side claiming that it is not viable to video games and movies for the increased rate of crime in the[…]

Human development invites the creations of various theories and perspectives that help understand people, their development, growth, and the physical, cognitive and psychosocial changes they experience throughout their lives. Human development is based on the principle that most things in life can only be achieved through age and experience, resulting in maturity and character development.[…]

The power of the situation is a fundamental concept of social psychology that believes the social environment significantly impacts people’s ideas, behaviors, and emotions. From the video, the narrator deeply explains the concept in the depth of how the situation can easily influence our ideas, behaviors, and emotions. The power of the situation has both[…]

The five-factor model of human personality is a set of five wide feature dimensions or domains, which is frequently known as the “Big Five”. The factor model is divided into five traits. Personality traits are referred to as patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour that are fairly stable throughout a person’s life span (Widiger &[…]

Introduction Visual perception is the processing of visual stimuli which include images, pictures, among other visual components of the external environment, this happens when visual stimuli reach the optic or the eye. The visual stimulus creates a pattern of change in the focus of the receptor of the eye, and the actual feature or pattern[…]

INTRODUCTION Although the criminal justice system in the United States is often seen as fair and equitable, several issues still need further attention. There is always space for improvement, as in everything. Most organizations lack the resources to make the best choices for managing individuals with special needs in the criminal justice system. Consequently, many[…]

Ruth and Michael (2020) define cognitive bias as people’s judgment errors due to their irrational thought processes. Alternatively, Gilovich (2016) defines cognitive bias as a source of error in judgment and decision-making caused by misconceptions that may be related to how we want the world to be or incorrect information. In other words, cognitive biases[…]

Abstract This paperwork is a representation of the endeavors of the writer to create a treatment strategy plan for the family of Williams. The paper does not include a diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM) axis diagnosis. The paper, therefore, does not include diagnostic measures. Nonetheless, it is an intersession plan for the[…]

As people grow from birth to their adulthood, they experience changes in their intellectual and cognitive functioning. Developmental theories best explain these developmental steps. The research study done on human development is numerous. These theories, therefore, suggest that different people may have different personalities depending on either nature or nurture. However, it may not be[…]

NFL is an incredibly exciting sport, but studies of former NFL players and the high rates of memory and cognitive loss years after retiring, potentially due to repeated hits to the head, are indeed a cause for concern. In my opinion, while NFL should not be discontinued on the basis of such risks, there is[…]

The study of statistics in psychology is an important area that many people or researchers have overlooked in the past. It is important to explore various benefits and reasons as to why people learning psychology majors study statistics (Freng et al., 2011). The aim of the essay is to give a reaction to the provided[…]

Psychology experiments involve making a comparison of scores derived under distinct conditions. The approaches used in assigning participants to conditions may control various extraneous variables. These approaches fall under three classifications. The first classification entails the creation of groups through random assignment. This approach creates what is commonly referred to as independent samples and it[…]

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the term health should be defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or illness. Mental health therefore forms an integral part of human health and is important for individual’s ability to think, interact with one another and[…]

Seeing is the act of observing physical conditions and components of the environment. The human eyes aid in observing anything in the environments. In Psychology, there are number of experiments done to demonstrate that see more than we remember and the eye is one of the sensory organs of the human body, where stimuli in[…]

Have you ever thought about what the phrase “prevention is better than cure” actually means? Health promotion plays a significant contribution in this phase. Health promotion refers to the process of enabling people to achieve greater control over their health and its determinants, thus improving the health of individuals and the community at large (VicHealth,[…]

When working with clients with mental health issues, mental health practitioners continue to learn about psychological health and apply ideas to their practice. Mental health ideologies have evolved through time to give diverse accounts for a person’s behaviors, beliefs, and emotions. Mental health practitioners think that if the brain’s complicated functioning can be comprehended, concepts[…]

The essays as presented by Freud are indicative and informative of basic perceptions and differences that exist regarding sexuality. It is vital that the paper explores the main argument that Freud is putting across with a view of emphasizing his concept. Personal development in society is essential and Freud tries to elaborate on the essence[…]

*What do you hypothesis? (What is going on with Altagracia?) Altagracia is a young girl undergoing mental development issues. The fact that she is only 17, and has been living with her sick father, Altagracia has been undergoing mental torture. The fact that her father is suffering from a chronic disease that requires continous care has greatly[…]

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