Essay on Discuss the Relevance and Challenges Associated With Diversity With Specific Reference to Life Choices in Contemporary Ghana and the Global Village

Published: 2021/12/28
Number of words: 679

Diversity is how varied living things are in a given environment. Plants, animals, humans, and the natural world have several variations. Human beings are very different, they vary in several ways such as cultural, biological, social, individual, life events, among other ways. The diversity of humans can be from life choice and range from individual behaviours like language skills, dressing style, friendships, type of job, drinking, among others.

The relevance of diversity is very common among different societies, people are able to learn new skills, behavior, and lifestyles they prefer. Life choice made by people can help improve upon their skills and knowledge, a person can decide to get educated in speaking new languages, technical knowledge, or other skills. Another person may involve in health studies or sports, this makes society very diverse (Chen & Hamilton, 2015).

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Pattanaik & Xu, (2000) diverse societies are easily developed, relating to personal choices, especially when people in the society develop skills that can be utilized for economic development. Ghana is a country with diversity from several aspects, this is relevant during the making of decisions, solving of problems, and handling of arguments. The diversity of Ghana will help balance the opinions and views of different individuals and groups in the country, there is acceptance of different kinds of opinions and maintain order and respect among different groups in the country.

Also, diversity in relation to life choices can help Ghana and the global village have access to a pool of human’s resources with several abilities and skills. Whenever there is a need for certain skills or abilities, there will always be a pool of available human skills and abilities to choose any time. Wright & Taylor, (2007) diverse society enhances respect and reputation to all kinds of people, and reduces stereotypes, discrimination, and conflict. People are able to make their own choices and work to develop achieve them, without any hindrances from society. People are also able to learn from other people’s lifestyles, choices, and behaviors that are seen as preferable.

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The challenges of diversity in reference to life choices in Ghana and the global village are very problematic to the peace and order among people and groups in various locations. The situation of cultural norms and social standards in some societies in Ghana hinders people’s free will to adapt to their life choices and interests. Society’s expectations on how people must carry themselves, how people must behave, among other expectations have curbed several people from pursuing their own interests. Some parents impose several things on their children even when such children are not interested, this makes the children live their life on others will and decisions (Homan, 2019).

Some people learn bad practices and behavior like smoking, addiction, among other acts, this may result as people make their own life choices. Most people adapt to drinking alcohol and drug abuse since they find it lively and enjoying, or the available free will for them to do whatever they are interested in doing. This makes them become dangerous to society and to themselves. Also, some people in the country can discriminate against other people’s life choices, the challenge of diversity in Ghana is discrimination against others. People may not value others’ interests and choices, this may cause them to disrespect others’ choices and interests. Peers may be either jealous or disrespectful to their mates or others based on the differences among themselves and their life choices. This may cause several misunderstandings among peers and groups.


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