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The short reign of King Richard III in England (1483-5) was both violent and enigmatic. Richard is accused by later historians of the murders of Henry VI and his son, Edward, in 1471; of being an accomplice in the political mechanisms that led to the execution of his brother George, Duke of Clarence in 1478;[…]

Studying the ancient Roman economy will always be a challenge due to the lack of evidence. There are no government accounts, central records of taxation, systematic assessment of trade and manufacture, and no ancient analyses of economic phenomena. We can get information only from proxy data, which must be interpreted through economic models. Notwithstanding the[…]

Discuss examples of science published for children in the nineteenth century. Why was it published and what effect did it have on its readers? Everything that is published is the product of an agenda. This may be explicit or implicit, intentional or unintentional but due to the characteristic of print and publication, it is an[…]

Agriculture, olives, and wine are core factors in understanding the past as they are integral to the social changes initiated through transitions in settlements, landscape, and human productivity during the Bronze Age. The transitions from Lithic ages to the Bronze Age are due to an array of human, ecological, agricultural, and innovative factors that interlink,[…]

In the 1980s, it was said that the United States was in its ‘fifth zenith’ of decline[1]. Many scholars worried that the United States was in a stage of hegemonic decline that was irreversible, and much analysis was done to attempt to outline the possible consequences of this decline on both the international and domestic[…]

This essay will present a brief history of aviation terrorism, including the events of Lockerbie and 9/11. It will then look in more depth as what the response of authorities has been to this; and consider what the criticisms have been of these efforts. The first case of hijacking recorded involved a Cathay Pacific flight[…]

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