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Abstract Industrial revolution is perhaps the most important aspect for the economic and the society of Britain. Industrial revolution was the period where manufacturing processes mechanization started. This paper lays emphasis on Industrial revolution in Britain during the periods 1760-1840. The paper considers the importance of women in Industrial revolution at different perspectives. Introduction Industrial[…]

Slave trade refers to the Trans-Atlantic trading routes that were started in the 17th Century. Ships full of trading goods and supplies would sail from the European continent to the West African Coast. The goods were exchanged with slaves provided by the African slave traders. Once the ships were full, they would set sail up to[…]

Summary The commemoration of the public Execution of Wallace Williams marks an important point for the citizens of Scotland. The evolution of the people of Scotland comes from the brave deeds of Wallace who fought British rule with success and failure. This paper draws historical facts from the story of Wallace. It relates to a[…]

Q 1.The decline of the Roman republican into an Empire began with the rule of Caesar. He made the system in such a manner that his nephew would rule as an empire. Although the next ruler after Caesar ruled with republican policies he is considered the first empire of Rome. Various factors led to the[…]

Introduction The process of building a peaceful society after a destructive civil war baffles policy makers, academics as well as statesmen. The world has been struggling to control civil wars all over. There have been civil wars in Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and the present war in Syria. Although these wars differ in perspective and[…]

These terms were used during the period when the Americans were expanding their territories. It was an attitude to illustrate the ambition of the Americans to conquer lands from coast to coast. This attitude was beneficial to the destiny of the American people. It assisted in encouraging western settlement within the land. On the other[…]

Introduction The Tanzimat period reorganised the Ottoman Empire and had a significant influence on previously conquered Arab cities. In this paper I will argue that the’ politics of notables’ and the Ottoman influence on the Arab cities in the 19th century has permanently changed the way of organising cities. Furthermore, Arab cities became centres of economic[…]

Abstract Throughout civilization, the world has undergone various events. Countries in the world became colonies. Another event that characterized Europe and the world was the influences of World War I and II. This paper emphasizes on the influence colonial masters had on their subjects. It further emphasizes on world war I and its players. Haiti[…]

Introduction During the pre-modern times of china, foreign relation was at the heart of the Emperor. The theory of such relations was top of the celestial Dynasty agenda. This position was at the top of world civilization. Therefore, in this case the Emperor was the head of civilization. The state equated to the highest authority[…]

Women in The Battles of Algeria played different roles in the liberation struggle. Like men, women craved independence, a thing that would bring Algeria together. The occupation of the French colonialists used the bodies of Algeria women as a weapon in the political battlefield between the Algerian men and French. The French soldiers raped Algerian[…]

Introduction Active involvement of women in the U.S. military can be traced from the Revolutionary War. However, those women had to use charade to appear as men. The ones who were accepted to serve as soldiers performed an auxiliary function. In the 20th century, the Pentagon realized that gender did not matter a lot on the[…]

From 1405 to 1433, the Chinese imperial Zheng He commanded the largest ships vessels on seven journeys of explorations and expeditions of lands around the Indian ocean. The voyages remain to be historic as they demonstrated Chinese excellence at navigation and shipbuilding. Though historic, the missions were astonishing due to the distance and the size[…]

Africa has been described as having a history of colossal exploitation, with the continent grappling with partisan marginalization in the post-colonial world (Munene, 2005). The continent has often been ostracized in having a say in important global issues, even in matters that largely affect it. Moreover, Africa’s position in the international system has rendered it[…]

The Keith Nichols documentary, “The Century: America’s Time – 1920-1929: Boom to Bust,” has educative historical facts on significant events that occurred in the 1920s that shaped American. While watching, several themes emerged, most of which form crucial pillars in the development of the USA. Most of the main topics covered in the documentary delve[…]

Robert Harms, in his book Africa in Global History with Sources, provides evidence that modern human beings originated from Africa. Harms says that all human fossils that have over 2 million years of age were found only in Africa. A skeleton called Turkana boy was found in Northern Kenya in 1984 and was more of an ape[…]

The prehistory of the Americas begins with humans migrating from Asia during a Glacial Period. These people are supposed to have been isolated from the rest of the “Ancient World” until the arrival of Europeans in the 10th century. Paleo-Indians are the forefathers of today’s American Native Peoples. They were gatherers who moved to North[…]

The history of Mexicans has turned out to be interesting since t5hey were treated as foreigners despite the fact that many of them were born in California. Furthermore, before 1848, California was part of Mexico. During the Gold Rush, the number of Mexicans exceeded that of the Americas in California. The Mexicans were better miners[…]

Introduction  Abraham Lincoln is famously known for his efforts in the fight against slavery. As the President and through his disgust for slaveholding, Lincoln began his regime by claiming against slavery. Eventually, the President announced the freedom announcement to release all slaves in the united states in defiance. Thus as the state neared its third[…]

It was a Polish lawyer named Raphael Lemkin who coined the term genocide in the winter of 1942. Since then, many other scholars and institutions have continued to foray into defining genocide. Despite the various definitions of genocide, there is a concurrence that genocide is one of the most profound atrocities against humankind. It encompasses[…]

From 1963 to 1969, Lyndon B. Johnson, who is also commonly identified by LBJ was the President of the U.S for two terms. Lyndon was the 37th vice president for three years before he was appointed as the President between 1961 and 1963 after which he became the 36th president of USA. LBJ got born on 27th August[…]

In the book “we are Sorry” by Thomas King, it is evident that the Indian residential schools were based on racism, with the Western culture being emphasized. At the same time, the Indians were striving to be Indians (uphold their Indian culture). It was a real struggle for the Indians to uphold their culture, especially[…]

The decline of the Carolingian Empire can be said to be of their own doing to a large extent, although the impact of other factors such as external threats from the Vikings and others should not be dismissed. While the Empire was once large and powerful, its strength began to diminish after the death of[…]

Introduction “All Germans are equal in front of the law. In principle, men and women have the same rights and obligations.”[1] November 1918 saw dramatic change to the political landscape of Germany. The abdication of the Kaiser and proclamation of a republic were momentous upheavals followed by a constitution allowing all adult Germans the right[…]

Jeffersonian democracy, which President Thomas Jefferson led, was movement that had been set up to get more democracy in the American government in the nineteenth century. American politics dominated the campaign, the first party system from 1800 to 1824 under the power of Jefferson. Jefferson was talented and made significant contributions, especially as a diplomat,[…]

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