Essay on Manifest Destiny

Published: 2022/01/11
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These terms were used during the period when the Americans were expanding their territories. It was an attitude to illustrate the ambition of the Americans to conquer lands from coast to coast. This attitude was beneficial to the destiny of the American people. It assisted in encouraging western settlement within the land. On the other hand, it was the cause for native removal within the land of America. This attitude further proved to fuel war within Mexico. Manifest destiny as a term came into life in the 1840s (McCoy 83). It was used to show that it was the right of the Anglo-Saxon Americans to expand their civilization. It was their goal to expand its institutions within the lands of America from coast to coast.

It was not only geared towards the expansion of their civilization but also an expansion of but expansion of individual’s economic standing. Personal liberty was also another important aspect the incoming force was aiming at. While mentioning manifest destiny one will not ignore O`Sullivan. He was the proponent of the attitude that he states that the destiny of the people is to overspread and gain provinces for free. It was a popular term for those individuals wishing to secure the lands of California, Oregon, as well as the Mexican land to its Southwest region (McCoy 86). By the end of that century, it became apparent that expansionists were employing the reasoning of Darwinists. Their reasoning was that because of the Anglo-Saxon heritage they were supremely fit to extend their dominion beyond their territories.

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Scholars argue that there are various themes that were important in the promotion of manifest destiny. Virtue was one of the very important themes. The other theme lies in the mission of the people of America. It was the mission of the people of America to spread its institutions and remarking the world with the image of America. The other theme relates to the destiny of God to the American people.

Foreign Policies

French revolutionary led to war between Britain and France. Since America was an ally to both parties they formulated the policy of neutrality. This policy was beneficial to the American people because it led to the stop of the war and resume of trade between the countries. Jefferson during this period rejected the treaty but Washington proved to be a deciding factor; leading to friendly relationship between the U.S and Britain. In the year 1807, Jefferson formulated the Embargo Act (McCoy 92). This Act was geared towards forbidding trade with Britain and France.

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The Policy concentrated more on the Agrarian goals in place of commercial interests. The policy was unpopular and further ineffective in stopping mistreatment from British Warships. The other important principle was the Monroe Doctrine. The policy was important in preventing any form of influence of Europeans on the American interests. For example the inability of Spain to police Florida led to its purchase by the Americans (McCoy 90). This policy also led to colonization of other territories such as California.


Sectionalism to the Americans in the 1800s refereed to the mixing of various lifestyles, cultures and customs. It also focuses on industrialization and improvement of social as well as political values of people on the south and the north. These developments led to rapid industrialization and organization of labor (McCoy 95). It led to the origin of slave labor. Wealthy Whites had the purchasing power to purchase labor; while their poor counterparts practiced subsistence farming. With the lapse of time slavery was opposed which led to civil war between the north and the south.

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