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Published: 2022/01/11
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Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd is an organization based in Ontario. The organization specializes in the manufacture of vinyl as well as leather shoes. With its main manufacturing plant near Wilmington, the organization began operation in the year 1969. Concentrating on its employees, the organization is proud of having over 400 persons working on its plant. Its employee’s ranks also contain over 300 persons working on its offices and on the international scale (Haris, 2002). A case study on the organization reveals that employee management by the human resource team suffers many challenges. The first important challenge relates to the replacement of the human resource manager.

According to its management, Maple leaf Shoes Ltd’s chain on command starts with the president. The next chain of command falls under the docket of the production, General, Human resource management. In this level of command, General Managers are in the field of finance as well as marketing. Its management chain continues to the lowest level represented by junior officers. A case study by Lance on Maple Leaf Shoes provides diverse perspective on the management of human resources.

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Lance Case Study

Lance case study on the organization provides certain perspectives on the management of Human resource. Lance’s discussion on the functions of a human resource manager reveals divergent views. According to him, a human resource manager needs to be an expert of people. Human resource managers need to develop new ideas of managing people. He further states that, human resource managers need to develop effective philosophy in dealing with union challenges (Haris, 2002). Lance’s study reveals details collected from three top officials. The researcher collects data from Jane Reylonds, Tony Rezknov as well as Joseph McDonald. His interview lasts for an hour on each interviewee.

From the study, lance brings into light that the human resource department needs to consider its integrations with the operational goals as well as strategic functions. The human resource department of the organization has been effective in developing performance appraisals. The department also use new procedures as wells as decision systems. Raynold further says that the organization needs to cut its workforce as a cutting-cost strategy (Haris, 2002). From this interview, union problems come into force. McDonald the General Manager of Finance reveals that the organization teams are militant. Form his viewpoint it is possible that union strikes will affect the human resource department.

Lance Approach

Lance’s approach to the analysis of Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd concentrates on a checklist for study. The checklist expresses views on the expectation of the human resource department. Its relays information on the contributions of the department, activities, challenges of the department as well as departmental needs. Other topics of consideration are the department’s new services as well as information. From this checklist, details arise on the need of upgrading the production process.

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It is true that automation of the production process will be efficient to the organization. Lance approach on the study focus on interviewing senior managers in the organization. His interview reveals that the organization has a strong union. It also reveals that international competition has an impact on the organization. Automation of Shoes companies in Asia and other regions improves worker production thus sales (Haris, 2002). From this interview, it is also important to note that organizations need to keep adequate records of its employees.


Lance’s job Analysis on Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd concentrates on interviews of senior managers. Lance collects various perspectives on the management of Human resources at the organization. The president of the organization would use his research to employ new production mechanism. On the other hand, Lance might use the information collected in developing good working environment (Haris, 2002). On the other hand, his information might be of help in the development of a competitive strategy at Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd.


Haris, D. ( 2002).Case Study: Maple Leaf Shoes Ltd. Canada: Saint Mary’s University publication.

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