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Published: 2021/11/18
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Market Profile

Safeguard is the world’s number 1 anti-bacterial soap; it is the only bar and liquid soap FDA registered. Safeguard is intended to protect the whole family from germs (Abbasi, 2021). The soap brand was established in 1995 by Procter and Gamble and has defined “health and hygiene” in multistate markets. Safeguard is an anti-bacterial soap that protects against germs twice as long as ordinary soaps, making it the number one doctor’s recommended choice. In addition to germ protection, it addresses a range of other needs, including skincare and protection from sweat odor. In the market, Safeguard has a slogan with the tagline “SOAP FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY” (Abbasi, 2021).

Situational Analysis of Safeguard Soaps

Safeguard is presented in the market as bar and liquid, thus meeting different needs of customers. Besides, the brand’s germ-killing legacy (Triclosan) is viewed positively, which adds to its trustworthiness (Abbasi, 2021). Safeguard is ideal for curing skin irritations, cuts/bruises, and seasonal uses as the soap brand is from a reputable and a healthy selling company. Ideally, safeguard brand maintain its original form and thus has loyal customers (Abbasi, 2021). Safeguard dominates Singapore markets and thus secures resources to maintain good quality, attracting demand as the soaps comes in different sizes that meet various consumer desires in terms of handling and cost (Abbasi, 2021).

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Safeguard soaps are linked to dissolving easily in water and thus disapproves sustenance quality. Besides, safeguard has a high efficacy level that makes customers doubt its composition. This keeps some customers away from the argument of chemical-related acceleration of efficacy (Abbasi, 2021). The brand awareness is also low and majority of people are unaware that Safeguard body wash exists on the Singapore market. The body wash is a minor player compared to bar soap, the market leader in the soaps category (Abbasi, 2021). In addition, safeguard is well known as a brand for its exceptional skin germ prevention but there is no novel or innovative approach to express this benefit. Marketwise, there is no tactical or distinct advertising support (Abbasi, 2021). It is only used in conjunction with the Safeguard portfolio’s marketing materials, sometimes with Safeguard bar soap, in-store sales pitches, and television commercial end tags (Abbasi, 2021).

In the future, safeguard marketing has opportunities to leverage the Safeguard brand’s strong brand value to promote Safeguard Soap as an everyday usage product. The public has developed a greater awareness of health issues (Abbasi, 2021). A trusted brand for health and hygiene education. In essence, the body-wash product worldwide market is increasing at 19.7 percent, significantly faster than the bar soap market, which is rising at only 15.7 percent (Abbasi, 2021). Besides the comonay has an advantageous opportunity to adding new properties or ingredients to entice consumers and convince them that body wash is better than soap and other cleansing products (Abbasi, 2021). To encourage trial, sales promotion efforts or permanent price reductions on body wash products are necessary (Abbasi, 2021).

Howver, the company faces threats in the market future. First, the advent of intense competition from other companies like Lifebuoy and Detto is increasingly threatening ((Darbinyan, 2021). These companies offer more fragrant products and are appropriate for sensitive skin due to their soft formulation (Darbinyan, 2021). As a result of the extended pandemic’s anxiety about job security, many consumers have grown more expense-sensitive in their purchasing, particularly on things that are often used/purchased. They would prioritize those with a lower price tag (Darbinyan, 2021).

Communication Strategy

The company’s operation sets a major communication aims to secure the Position of Safeguard soaps as the recommended daily use option for the entire family.


Through the adverts and numerous product presentations, the safeguard company communicates about the adequate protection against a broad range of invisible pathogens (bacteria and viruses included). These objectives have become so dominant in the market and require innovative ideas to communicate to the customers (Eisend, 2017). Currently, the company communication is based on announcing the launch of the newly enhanced Safeguard liquid soap. In essence, these communication objectives run across the soap industry, with every competitive company sharing the same information about their different products.

This kind of communication objective is motivational and lacks the information aspect of attracting customers. Most customers are aware that if the safeguard bar soap in every advert, the information may be assumed, having that the same message is repeated. Most people are willing to purchase safeguard soaps, but the motivational information provided does not adequately present the soaps brand’s importance (Eisend, 2017). Therefore, only one safeguard product dominates the market. Besides, the motivational approach uses communication language that has been there for years, thus creating a negative perception of the brand improvements customers think the brand remains unchanged. This communication shows no branding and improvement of soaps quality, and therefore customers are pushed away by the consistency of an unchanging soap brand (Eisend, 2017).

Proposed communication Marketing Approach

Based on the SWOT analysis, safeguard brands have to be improved in how the public and customers view them (Darbinyan, 2021). It is clear that the body was a new soap brand in the market, and its popularity is yet to be seen. Although there have been successful work in marketing the soap bar, the company needs to improve on the structures through which the weaknesses arise (Darbinyan, 2021). To ensure this marketing plan, the management has to consider the opportunities at hand. Through the popularity of the bar soap, the body washes brand of Safeguard can be pushed into higher levels (Darbinyan, 2021).

Being the number one soap brand means that the company will retain its position through innovative uniqueness (Darbinyan, 2021). For example, marketing and indicating natural ingredients on the soap packs could mean a positive image of safeguard soap products. Marketing the effectiveness and naturality of the soaps is essential for the company to adapt to the competition (Darbinyan, 2021). Threats arising from top competitors constitute a significant lookout for the company’s marketing plans to maximize the public benefits (Darbinyan, 2021). Like it has been, maintaining the different sizes and packaging deals is essential. However, the diversity of these blending should consider as a marketing milestone. In this token, planning pricetags and discount offers would help create a better percievment of the brands (Darbinyan, 2021).

In the new advertisement campaign, a change will focus on informational communication objectives. The communication objective covers different informative features of the safeguard soap that becomes a critical point in introducing the new body wash and marketing of the other brands. Taking advantage of the COVID 19 pandemic, we will communicate on the sanitary measures to combat the virus’s spread and offer information on how to safeguard products that suit the precautionary handwashing and sanitization in public and at home. The information concerning the duration of protection will be crucial to attracting new customers’ interest. In essence, the objective of safeguard soap includes offering information that: Safeguard soaps offer an Improved sensory experience (lather/fragrance/skin feel).

Secondly, the soap brads are made from natural collections that have fo chemical risks associated with allergies and discomfort. The adverts will also display all seven Safeguard soap varieties in trial to promote the different sizes and application procedures that suit customer demands and sustainabilityCustomers will have adequate information of products through ensiling tags on the different retail prices and the availability of soaps variety in different market settings.

Marketing Model

Target audience

Safeguard soaps are used on home-basis, public gatherings, offices, and in restaurants. The new advertisements focus on mothers, children, and public workers. In essence, the campaign targets households and restaurants that require soap usage in bathrooms, hotel cleaning services, and sanitation in public gatherings. Teenage girls and women are a huge target for the adverts having the soap requirements in most of their menstrual sanitary soap requirements. In essence, university students and office workers are a great target for handwash and sanitizer soaps. Our target audience is classified on different criteria, mothers and children watch more television, and the adverts will be TV-based. Similarly, in public gatherings, the target will engage more in posters and billboards for office workers and students; social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and youtube will be the link.

Publicity Stat Model

Safeguard will focus on the musician, comedians, and movie stars in introducing the new safeguard body wash and rejuvenating the popularity of the other brands. Public stats apply the informational objectives of this campaign by assigning the celebrity stars different roles in skits. For example, the creative movement will approach distant international music stars, footballers, and well-known animation movie stars in the presentation of the safeguard product (Eisend, 2017). Like the commander series, this approach will have the climax moments where the used celebrities will switch from their short performances, be it music, football, comedy, or other stat kicks, and introduce the safeguard products in the advertisement (Eisend, 2017).

Macron tools

The new advertisement campaign intends to have a streamlined communication approach. By creating webinars, seminars, and trade shows, the advertisement teams will approach different target groups to convey and study the consumption data to improve customer convenience (Burmester et al., 2015). Tradeshows will comprise the notable aspects of the current advertisement counterparts, including the commander series participants. Social media will be used to convey marketing catalogs and generate public awareness. The new advertisement campaign will engage various tactics in lead generation and systemic message communication through email campaigns and newsletters (Raji et al., 2019). In essence, the newsletters will apply in creating communication management and compliance to the market requirements. As mentioned, the new advertisement campaign requires well-established adverts agents who will work on print advertising. Safeguard soap advertisements will appear in Singapore’s leading newspapers.

Marketing Message

Currently, the marketing message “providing germ removal and deodorant protect family” is used t attract the target audience. This message is availed in the advertisement prints, television adverts and on the label so the product. Although this marketing message is crucial, a more diversified one could be more effective.

In the new advertising campaign, the marketing message will be “safeguard kills 99.9% germs by providing daily skin care with deodorant removal at affordable prices and packs, get yours tofay at the nearsest shopping area”.

Safeguard soaps are high involvement products, and therefore a consumer demand tabulation is essential. The new advert campaign will engage the customers to achieve different tastes and preferences regarding expectations, experience with the already existing brands, and referral probability. The current adverts will first be evaluated and develop a ducted advert that involves every aspect of the safeguard products.

Media in the New Advert Campaign

In the new advert campaign, social media will be the first preference. Having that television is the primary reach out for the target audience, Safeguard will apply more adverts based on the likes of the target audience. children, in this case, are a significant focus that the TV advert will focus on. When it comes to advertising, this advert campaign chooses television due to their attitude of “ALWAYS PUTING HEALTH AND HYGIENE FIRST (Gitman et al., 2021).” Thus, television is the perfect medium for demonstrating why Safeguard soap maintains customers hygienically clean and safe and provides all-day protection against body odor. Apart from this, television is a powerful medium in Pakistan, with the most significant reach. As a result, a sizable portion of advertising budgets is spent on television.

The campaign’s next priority is print media. With the new safeguard soap introduction, the company will take a more active approach to print advertising. Safeguard soap advertisements will appear in practically all of the world’s leading newspapers. The print advertisement will communicate that Safeguard soap is a daily-use soap for the family with a reformulation that smells great, feels great on the skin, and is available in seven distinct versions (Gitman et al., 2021).

Agency of Soap Publicity

The new advertisement campaign requires adverts agents that are well established in the Asian region and the entire world. Although the industry contains around 135 advertising agencies, P&G has to choose IALSaatchi & Saatchi Advertiser as the significant agency due to their exceptional work in the Pakistani and worldwide safeguard soap market.

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The creativity of the new advert campaign

Although it is the No. 1 anti-bacterial soap in the country and has taken a significant portion of the market, we have identified certain shortcomings in the product, for which we provide the following suggestions:

P&G Pakistan recognizes the enormous potential of rural markets, which account for 64% of the overall population, but has yet to create an effective strategy for penetration. They can achieve success through two distinct processes: first, by establishing a robust distribution infrastructure, and second, by tailoring packing and price to this market.

The new campaign will therefore entail:

  •  We are creating a commander safeguard styled soap to increase the appeal of youngsters.
  • Advertisements will be directed at the entire family rather than only at children.
  • Include information about the flavor on the bars to assist customers in making purchasing decisions.
  • From a sales perspective, the Commander Safeguard series will offer value to the product. There have been ten episodes released to date. The new campaign will continue to release recent seasons to entice children since they are their primary target audience.


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