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Silent films were an innovation in the entertainment industry in the 1920s, though the lack of speech meant that some of the meaning was missed. Information had to be obtained from not only the acting but also from other aspects such as the clothing, to indicate to the audience many things about the character, such[…]

Plot The movie Haider revolves around the unfolding psychological drama of young Haider. He is sent to Aligarh University, the symbolic institution of North Indian Muslims, by his family to keep him from joining the militant movement against the Indian military in Kashmir and to experience a different type of Indian Muslim experience which is[…]

Introduction Between 1955 and 1982 the Incorporated Television Company (ITC) was responsible for some of the most financially successful and popular television programmes of the period. ITC was set up in 1954 by the media proprietor, Lew Grade. Grade’s intention was ‘to bid for one of the new British commercial television franchises’ (Bould, 2005, p.93).[…]

Introduction A historic event was witnessed on 20 January, 2001: President Joseph Estrada of the Philippines was overthrown after the actions of a smart mob. The movement, ‘People’s Power II’, started when texts saying ‘Go 2EDSA, wear black’ were circulated, demanding the resignation of Estrada over charges of corruption. Thousands gathered in the streets with[…]

Essay Topic: Analyse the opportunities and challenges that international TV channels will face in the forthcoming years. This essay examines examples of international television channels in terms of the challenges and opportunities they are facing now and will face in the future. International television has grown, and is still growing, as viewers want more choice[…]

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