Essay on Ten Candidates for the Greatest Good

Published: 2021/12/28
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Summum bonum is a Latin articulation meaning the most noteworthy or extreme good, which was presented by the Roman rationalist Cicero to signify the central guideline on which some arrangement of morals is based — that is, the point of activities, which, if reliably sought after, will prompt the ideal life. After reading the “Ten candidates for the Greatest Good,” I agree with his conclusion for the greatest good. The most compelling argument in the ten candidates for the greatest include Pleasure; In Freud’s psychoanalytic hypothesis of personality, pleasure is the main impetus of the id that looks for guaranteed delight, everything being equal, needs, and desires (Kreeft et al., 2019). The delight guideline endeavors to satisfy our generally essential and crude inclinations, including hunger, thirst, outrage, and sex. When these necessities are not met, the outcome is a condition of anxiety or strain.

It might appear to be that money is a sure way to esteem and satisfaction. A significant number of our most generously compensated residents have held up as good examples of accomplishment, driving great, useful lives. In any case, specific individuals embrace the contrary thought: Money can’t purchase you joy. Things being what they are, which of these is correct? Researchers have found that the association between abundance and prosperity isn’t apparent (Cohen et al., 2017). While a few studies appear to attach mine to wealth, others show that, after a specific point, a higher pay won’t give more joy or life fulfillment.

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Contentment brings peace of mind and energy that can work with development and personal growth. This doesn’t mean you can’t have dreams and goals. You can acknowledge the present and still wish for a superior future. Happiness means to find a sense of contentment with the gift, not carelessness. In case you are not in peace with what you have accomplished at your present point throughout everyday life, it very well may be more troublesome to be spurred to run after a superior future. Assuming you need inner peace and an uplifting outlook, satisfaction is the thing that you should rehearse.

Socrates held virtue to be the best acceptable in life since it alone was equipped for satisfaction. Socrates ventured to such an extreme to advance the particular case that it is wiser to experience a lousy form than submit a foul play. Information on the idea of goodness is the essential and adequate condition for becoming upright (Kreeft et al., 2019). Socrates firmly accepted (in contrast to current culture) that the development of virtue is the primary pursuit throughout everyday life. He took that virtuousness prompts a decent and satisfying life. The virtuous individual does well for society and is in charge of themselves and their longings.

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Many individuals depict encountering the deepest longing for a more profound significance and reason to live and, at times, even a mysterious craving for God and everlasting life. Christian belief in a higher power sets that this existential yearning is clarified by the reality that people were made to cooperate with God. However, sin has estranged them and cut them off from God. However, even delinquents who reject God experience a fundamental requirement for extreme importance and reason, which is found in craving God (Cohen et al., 2017). Hence, the Christian clarification is that genuine existential importance can just come through confidence in Jesus Christ, and adherents will experience extreme significance and reason in the eschatological future. Concerning goodness, do we long to accept the integrity of the Lord? This isn’t the feeble fraud in our general public controlled by the aggregate consent of what is permissible conduct in a narcissistic culture, nor what is stylish as a passing craze. The Lord is good. So here are two extraordinary realities for each Christian: First, truth, magnificence, and goodness are living fundamental factors since they are the properties of the living and three-fold God. His Word uncovers Him and, hence, what is valid, delightful, and acceptable.


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