Essay on Boston Municipality: History and Current State

Published: 2021/12/15
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The Law enforcement agency of choice is the Boston Police Department (BPD). It is constituted of 11 substations in 11 Districts. The department received its fair share of attention and controversy recently after the Boston Municipality Mayor Kim Janey fired its commissioner, Dennis White. Mr. White was fired on allegations of violence against women, especially women of color. Currently, the Superintendent-in-Chief Greg Long is holding the position in an acting capacity(Seasholes). The accusations following a long history of prior violence reports. Amidst all these, Mr. White maintains that he is innocent and has been wrongly accused.

The City of Boston, ranked 24th as the Most Populous City in the United States of America, was discovered in 1630 initially by the Puritans. Since its inception, Boston has witnessed several major events, such as the Boston Tea party, the Battle of bunker, the Boston massacre, and recently the Boston marathon bombing, altering its history and building its heritage. After independence, the City has served a vital role in the country’s success, serving as a center of excellence in education, a port, and a manufacturing center. The City has a rich history that acts as a central tourist attraction point with more than 20 million visitors annually.

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The City is led by it’s Mayor Kim Janey and managed by a City council. The City’s current population is 675,647 as per the year 2020, a rise from the first official population of 4500 recorded in 1680 (Mazumder and Kesseli, 2021). Boston is composed of white people, followed by Hispanic, Black, and Asian people, respectively. The City has a per capita income of $33,158, with a 16.0% of its population living below the poverty lines (Mazumder and Kesseli, 2021). The white population dominated the City as of 1950. Still, along the way, due to the housing crash, the Hispanic community took a brief lead in the early 21st century, before the previous structure regained. There is a major economic difference between the communities. The White population has an average net worth of $247,500 compared to the $8 for the Hispanic community and $0 for the black community.

Public infrastructure and healthcare play a significant role in attracting and retaining the population of the municipality. Several medical research companies are located in Boston, with hospitals such as Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School leading the way. The City also boasts some of the country’s most advanced medical facilities, such as Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center. It has an International Airport and several general airports.

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Boston’s economy has grown over the years, with City occupying position 30 of the most powerful economies in the world. With the boundaries of the country, it occupies the 6th position among the largest economies. The City’s economic success is attributed to the high number of institutions of higher learning located within it. These colleges and universities have a ripple effect as they attract companies and industries due to increased human resources. The intuitions also provide stable employment for a majority of the City’s residents. High-tech companies and venture capitalism drive innovation in Boston, furthering its economy. Another major contributor to this success is the high traffic of tourists interested in learning this ancient City’s rich history.

The City is invested heavily in its public safety, with a budget of up to $414 million allocated to the Boston Police Department. Over the years, the City experienced significant deviations in crime rate due to the reducing number of criminal activities. This security improvement is majorly due to the collaborative efforts of the police department and the public through such initiatives as assisting the youth to avoid joining criminal gangs. The District Attorney and United States Attorney offices have also given much attention and support to the City to fight crime. The Police department has adopted these changes by investing heavily in their investigative equipment and leading in technological advancements. (Mazumder and Kesseli, 2021)


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Seasholes, N. S. (2003). Gaining ground: A history of landmaking in Boston. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

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