Eugene Vincent

About me:

I am a recent graduate in philosophy from a top-ten UK university. My graded average was 74.06, which is a slightly higher average than getting a first in every module I attended. My dissertation (on the philosophy of language/ Wittgenstein/ Kripke) scored 89, the highest possible mark a dissertation has been awarded. I am currently working with my professor on publishing sections of this dissertation in, hopefully, in several esteemed journals. My other module marks were equally impressive: I scored 85 for metaphysics, 85 for origins of the mind (the study of infant cognition), 82 for Wittgenstein, 81 for Heidegger, 78 for Sartre, 74 for Kant, 74 for the philosophy of language, 75 for Locke and Hume and 71 for the philosophy of perception and cognitive science. Thus, most of the work I submitted towards my degree both demonstrated excellent aptitude and understanding and in several cases, bordered on being publishable.


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An explanation and critical assessment of Donald Davidson’s anomalous monism

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