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Question 1 In Isaiah 7:14, prophet Isaiah speaks of a virgin conceiving and giving birth to a child. Isaiah prophesized this occurrence as a sign from God. He as well said that the child would be called “Immanuel,” which means “God is among us.” The book of Isaiah submits that the use of the term[…]

Part 1 The Shipman’s book, Any-3: Lead Muslims to Christ Now!: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, provides an insight that Islam as a religion, grow at a pace that is higher than any other in the contemporary world. This piece of work emanated after Shipman’s fruitless years of ministry work in the resistant land of Muslims. Together with[…]

Textual Criticism of Ezekiel 34:25-31 Ezekiel 34:25-31 condemns the fellowship ministry (church) for failing to observe God’s command. The chapter talks of how the ministry is more concerned with paycheck and self than the members of the church, “Sheep.” God condemns such act as He reiterates that the church should be helping, healing, and leading[…]

Religion and violence are one of the hottest topics in the world. This notion is enhanced by unquestioned beliefs, such as the concepts purporting that religious individuals are intrinsically anti-science and that religions hold absolute facts about the world. Therefore, arguments exist based on whether religion causes war. Some analysts believe that it may lead[…]

The early modern period saw the spread of Christianity in the Americas, thanks to a previously unheard-of movement of European clergy, religious pilgrims, and explorers. There were many different reasons why Protestants and Catholics made the long voyage. Some people escaped corrupt theocracies in search of Christian ideals and old beliefs in an unpopulated area[…]

There are innumerable differences between the many religions of the world, from their beliefs, to their structure, to their traditions and customs. Some religions emphasize a personal relationship with the deity or deities; others hold community at the greatest level of respect. A notable differentiator, for our purposes, is the historical legacy of some religions[…]

Throughout history, mankind has tried to make sense of the world and universe around them. Religion is the result of this quest. David S. Noss, in A History of the World’s Religions, writes, “Myths and rituals provide ways of feeling at home in the universe, ways of behaving with the least strain toward mysterious realities in[…]

This paper highlights and discusses events that have taken place at given dates in Christianity. The paper gives the dates, the major players, and the significance of such events in the Christian religion. The chronology of the events ranges from the early church, the imperial church, medieval Christianity, colonial Christianity, and the church reformation period.[…]

Introduction Christopher Hill stated within his publication ‘The English Bible and the Seventeenth century Revolution’ that “The Bible was central to all intellectual as well as moral life in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries”[1]. During the course of this essay I will be assessing whether I agree with this statement. The question has been highly debated[…]

Gospel of John 14: 1-4 Introduction The Gospel of John, commonly referred to as the Fourth Gospel, talks about the account of Jesus’ ministry. Unlike the general sequence in the plot of Jesus’ ministry, the Gospel of John delivers a very different approach. It starts by introducing Jesus as the pre-existent Word, who existed with[…]

Psalm 23 is perhaps one of the most well known Psalms to the Christian and secular world alike. Charles Spurgeon highlights in The Treasury of David that the 23rd Psalm does not own an ‘inspired title’[1]. Perhaps it was this lack of a prescriptive title that allowed and inspired poets such as Herbert and Crashaw to poetically rewrite[…]

Everything that relates to or has a connection with Earth should be revised from the perspective of the critical thinking. The globe is full of evil and it is difficult to recognize it as it wears a lot of masks and like a chameleon is capable of obtaining different colors to deceive people. The Christianity[…]

Pentecostalism and Politics in African Societies Introduction Pentecostalism is a charismatic protestant Christian movement that focuses on the encounter with Jesus Christ as the savior and healer. Potential converts in Pentecostalism are born again as Christians after ordained and approved processes, which are universally acceptable to their practices. Pentecostalism combines aspects of African worship while[…]

Hispanic Pentecostalism is about absolute faith in the Word of God and belief that love is the cornerstone of Christianity. It is rooted in the idea that orthodoxy is not fundamentalism and that the vertical relationship with God is just as important as horizontal relationships with fellow humans. The teaching that antipathy is a sin[…]

Introduction Creationism is the idea that everything in the universe, including life, was created from nothing by God (ex nihilo). It’s a reaction to current evolutionary theory, which says that life’s variety may be explained without relying on the idea of God or any other divine authority. Body Biblical creationists assert that the Earth is[…]

Introduction Difference analogies have existed between Buddhism and Christianity and it is clear that the two religions have several differences. The core idea in Christianity is on monotheism whereas Buddhism religion in purely non-theism. In this case, both Buddhism and Christianity had a great Spiritual Masters who founded them. These masters in the two religion[…]

Christianity is a religion founded based on Jesus Christ, whereas Islam is a religion founded based on Muhammad. Christians believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was sent to save human beings from death. Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God but was a prophet just like Muhammad. Christians[…]

Since time immemorial, Christianity has been listed as one of the main frontiers of American slavery. This can be explained from the various texts detailing how the Bible expressly created and allowed the slavery institution. As an example it is stated that Abraham had a retinue of servants whose conditions replicated that of the American[…]

According to Ledgerwood (2012), religious traditions considered highly developed have one element in common. That is, it is possible to determine various social ideals that the particular religion champions. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that amid numerous doctrines, scriptures, legends, and myths developed from various religions, there are many differences and contradictory perceptions about how[…]

Samuel Huntington is well-known for his predictions of a post-Cold War era during which there will be ‘clash of civilizations’. According to this theory, new conflicts would be between civilizations and that Islam is a threat to the West. This essay seeks to explore this thesis and come to a conclusion as to whether this[…]

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