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Published: 2021/12/28
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Question 1

In Isaiah 7:14, prophet Isaiah speaks of a virgin conceiving and giving birth to a child. Isaiah prophesized this occurrence as a sign from God. He as well said that the child would be called “Immanuel,” which means “God is among us.” The book of Isaiah submits that the use of the term “Virgin” is intended to refer to a person with specific qualities. The person is a female, of specific marital status (unmarried) and of a particular age (old enough to get married) (Kreeft 2). On the other hand, the book of Mathew 1:18-23 contains details on the birth of Jesus. The book tells that Jesus was born 700 years after the time of Isaiah. It proceeds to state that a virgin named Mary bore Jesus and that he is the son of God. The book of Mathew as well submits that Jesus is fully human and fully God and so he can be referred to as “God among us.”

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Question 2

In the book “Plot of John’s Gospel,” there are submissions on Jesus. The description given to Jesus is based on the miracles he performed. First, when Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days,” he denoted something regarding his death and resurrection (Strauss 3). Besides, it asserts that Jesus brought salvation on earth. Secondly, the miracle of Jesus feeding five thousand people portrayed him as the Messiah. The miracle as well reveals that Jesus fed people with spiritual food. When Jesus heals people like the man who was born blind, he displays the power of God. Therefore, Jesus showed the presence of God in him. Jesus is as well described as resurrection and life. He resurrects Lazarus. Besides, the book of John quotes Jesus saying, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die” (Strauss 4). This excerpt is a clear indicator of Jesus as God.

Question 3

The gospel of John is never overestimated as it covers Christian history. It gives an account of Jesus’s life. Two primary concepts are revealed in these readings. The ideas are humanity and divinity. The reading illustrates how God conceived as omniscient, omnipotent, and eternal has features of an ordinary person that are limited to conditions of time and space. Jesus is a God and as well a human in various aspects. The concept of divinity and humanity is vital as Jesus encountered temptations that all human beings were subjected to and his ability to overcome them is considered powerful.

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Question 4

Jesus is God in the flesh, equal to father. This notion is supported by different reasons provided in the Gospel of St. John as follows:

  1. The prophet Isaiah prophesized the conception and birth of Jesus. Such a prophecy came to fruition.
  2. Jesus is a God, and human is supported by the fact that he was conceived and given birth to just like human beings. The Virgin Mary conceived him. Mary is said to have been “Full of Grace” from every moment of her conception.
  3. Mary being a virgin, proved that she was pure and free of all stain of sins. Therefore, just like human beings, Jesus was born pure and free from all sins. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was blessed as she was the one chosen by God to conceive the Messiah.
  4. The divine power of Jesus is portrayed through the miracles he performed. For instance, when he raised the dead, he revealed Gods manifestation in him.
  5. Throughout John’s gospel, Jesus plays the role of a human being. He is shown as a typical individual who possesses extraordinary power. Besides, Jesus is said to bear the will of God.

Question 5

In Christianity, the blessed virgin Mary is the most-worthy saint. Mary is said to be blessed because she gave birth to Messiah. Her conception was as well miraculous and through the Holy Spirit, as there was no involvement of her husband. Mary, the mother of God, gave birth to the king of kings. Therefore, she is referred to as the “Queen Mother (Kreeft 3).” The blessed virgin Mary was free from all sins. Being a virgin, she is said to have been pure, and this is further affirmed during the annunciation period. Mary brought her sin offering and burnt offering to the temple so that she could atone for her sins.

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