Essay on Ex Nihilo Myth

Published: 2021/11/11
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Creationism is the idea that everything in the universe, including life, was created from nothing by God (ex nihilo). It’s a reaction to current evolutionary theory, which says that life’s variety may be explained without relying on the idea of God or any other divine authority.


Biblical creationists assert that the Earth is just a few thousand years old, based on extrapolations from biblical genealogy starting with Adam, the first man (Anderson,2018). These young-Earth creationists believe that God created everything in Genesis in six days, and are thus known as creationists. People like old-Earth creationists believe that everything in the universe was created by a supreme deity, but they do not take Genesis 1:31-33 literally. They may or may not think that God used the big bang to start the universe because many of these creationists accept fossils and other geological evidence as real. Although both types of creationists accept that changes in living things can include both upward and downward changes, such as positive mutations, they reject the idea that any of these changes can lead to the evolution of a simpler or lower species into a more complex one (Danilovic,2020). The validity of biological evolution is thus contested by all creationists. An uninterrupted line of white people may be traced back to light-skinned Adam and Eve in white evangelical creationism, for example.

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Following Charles Darwin’s (1809–82) publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859, the first systematic presentation of evolutionary theory, creationism became a hot topic among conservative religious organizations. In less than two decades, almost everyone in the scientific world and the vast majority of religions had come around to accepting evolution in some form. For a time, several American state governments outlawed science classes that taught evolution as a theory because it went against their view of the biblical creation account as revealed reality. So in 1925 came to be known as “Monkey Trial,” where a high-school teacher named John T. Scopes was found guilty of teaching the idea of evolution in violation of the law . Conservative Protestant Christians are the primary proponents of creationism.

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In this creation story, there is something about learn about gender roles(Chambers,2017). A look into creation myths shows that, in general, males are seen as the prime creators, whereas women are secondary or supplemental and exist solely to serve men. Second, male legendary characters have god-like traits and are extremely strong, whereas female legendary figures are forged from, descended from, or created by men. Another factor to consider is how gender socialization is represented in myths by the frequent connotation of males being superior and women being inferior. Since the premise has been proven, the study’s conclusion is that tales about men, as indicated by narrative and archetype, are agents of socialization for men.


It could therefore be concluded that the ex nihilo myth is valid in Christianity as the Christian faith asserts that God created human beings from nothing.There were various gender roles to both men and women as per the creation theory after Adam and Eve were chased out of the Garden of Eden.


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