Richard Brown

About me:

I have recently completed a Master’s degree by research, the subject of which was political parties in Egypt and Tunisia both before and after the Arab spring uprisings of 2011. In 2012, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the same university, graduating with a first class. Currently I am investigating research ideas/proposals for a PhD. I intend to start reading for a PhD during 2015.

My specialist subjects include Middle Eastern and North African politics, international relations (both in the Middle East and wider world), Islamic theology, Islamic art and architecture, Arabic society, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Arab nationalism and Middle Eastern and Islamic history. As well as my interest in the Middle East, I am interested in and have specialised in international relations, political theory, US and British foreign policy, and globalisation.

In the past I have received much praise from my lecturers and tutors for both my research skills and academic writing. As such, in the future I aim to become a scholar and, possibly, a lecturer specialising in contemporary domestic politics and international relations in the Middle East.


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