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Introduction The core principles of equality and non-discrimination are neither absolute nor neutral because human rights are violated by people globally. Human rights are not respected because some people see themselves as superior and feel that they are above the law. The rise in inequality and discrimination across the world is a trend and has[…]

The abortion debate is undoubtedly a controversial issue when aspects of religion, legality, and morality are considered. The state of Texas is not immune to this debate. By description, abortion is the termination of pregnancy by removing the fetus. Texas has enacted laws regarding this issue, and it is renowned for opposing this legalization process.[…]

Introduction Currently, numerous measures established to control the spread of coronavirus entail the restriction of fundamental human rights. The pandemic has affected the daily lives of individuals in many states in the European Union. Due to the current situation of uncertainty, many governments have drafted measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. Some such[…]

W.E.B Dubois and Booker T. Washington are two of the most influential people in the American society who fought for the African American rights from the political perspective. The two activists argue differently to make sure that the African American voices are heard and have space in the American political forums. Both leaders had clashing[…]

The Declaration of Independence proclaims America’s ideals of equality and freedom that still make sense throughout the world today. The declaration stipulates that the creator created all men equally and endowed them with inalienable rights such as the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, 2020). However, the reality of[…]

Human trafficking remains one of the traditional illegal activities in the US that has been carried forward through different centuries despite the government and society interventions to curb it. It is said that over 49, 000 individuals are trafficked in the country every year and later violate their rights and wellbeing. Human trafficking tampers with[…]

Child help defines child abuse as an act of omission or commission that poses danger or causes physical and emotional harm on the development of a child. It is a broad concept that encompasses any damage to a child whether physical or emotional, accidental or non accidental. This form of abuse takes many forms from[…]

Introduction The fight for gender equality and women’s rights has been an ongoing movement for years. With the exception of elements such as the still existing glass ceiling, sexual violence, and domestic abuse, women in the West have made significant progress in their quest for gender equality. In contemporary Iran, women have had a higher[…]

The protesters look tired, out of breath but their will is stronger that anything else and so they continue to match forward and shout even louder. The riots that have sprung out in the streets of Washington DC, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Louisville and other cities across the State, is an unavoidable response to centuries of racial[…]

Affirmative action can be referred to as the policies and practices aimed at mitigating discrimination and increasing the opportunities in housing, education, and employment of the historically underrepresented groups in society concerning an individual’s sex, nation origin, color, religion, and race. These policies are meant to solve the inequalities that have hindered adequate access to[…]

Pride month has always been an invigorating time for large clothing companies like Nike, Adidas, and even car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz have jumped on the ship of “solidarity” for the LGBTQIA+ community. Today the focus is on Nike, showcasing their 2021 Be True collection featuring Bretman Rock, a up-and-coming LGBTQIA+ beauty influencer and social media[…]

A well-established democratic society should allow and protect human rights, and freedom of speech is amongst these rights. Individuals should be allowed the right to express themselves without censorship, restrain, and without legal consequences. Nevertheless, when the right to express oneself is substituted for threats, abuse, and prejudice, this right and freedom should be denied.[…]

Gun violence is a multifaceted phenomenon that needs a sustainable solution for a better life within the society. The United States has the highest number of gun violence cases in the world among the developed nations. The use of guns within the community is a matter that continues to draw the attention of security agencies[…]

Introduction Gun rights contentious debate has been fueled by the number of mass shootings currently on an upward trend. Among the contemporary issues affecting global human rights is gun-related violence. The right to life guaranteed under the laws of all jurisdictions of the world and the most fundamental human right is threatened by violence associated[…]

Introduction Gendered violence can be described as aggression or harmful actions directed to individuals according to their gender. Gender-based violence starts as a result of gender discrimination, power abuse, and also harmful cultures. Gendered violence is a severe violation of human rights; it threatens the life and health issues of an individual. Although gendered violence[…]

Freedom of expression in the United States is protected by laws incorporated the constitution and the First Amendment. They protect rights to information access, but restrictions have been established on what individuals should talk in public. Censorship is a concept which raises concerns about the freedom of expression and entails the suppression of public communication[…]

Introduction The study focuses on ethical considerations that should be made when conducting research trials that involve human beings. Human experiments cannot be treated like the rest of the organisms, which makes it necessary to have guidelines on how to maneuver. Most of such trials are carried out by developed countries, using human experiments in[…]

Critical race theory(CRT) is an academic concept whose main idea is that racism is not a product of individual prejudice or bias but rather a social construct, something that has been embedded in the US’s legal policies and systems. (Stephen, 2021) For the last two decades, the theory has become a serious issue in our[…]

Studies in diversity and inclusion indicate that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community across the United States experience continuous discrimination that adversely affects their well-being (Tilcsik, 2011). Gay, lesbians, and bisexuals are inappropriately discriminated against in terms of employment and representation in public sectors. One in every four LGBT people experiences discrimination as[…]

Following the killings of black Americans, demonstrators all around the world have condemned police brutality. The streets of Tampa Bay have been flooded with chants of “No justice, no peace” and “Black lives matter.” Many present protestors are demanding police reform, while others advocate for more dramatic measures since they are fed up with what[…]

Introduction Gun violence is on the rise in many societies, as contributed by control policies and licensing rules. Guns can be used for protective reasons in the community, and there is a need always to vet individuals who apply for the same before issuing them with handguns. An example of a country that has high[…]

Introduction Basically, abortion refers to the deliberate termination of human pregnancy. I oppose the argument that abortion should be legalized because of several effects and risks it may cause to the victim. From the religious point of view, abortion is a crime because it is seen murder where an innocent unborn baby is denied a[…]

Have you ever been in a dilemma situation? A situation where you aim to do two things that have good motives but you are only required to choose one. In every action, we take we should first consider if it is morally right. For instance, torturing a person to reveal a bomb that he has[…]

Question Under the (fictitious) Mental Health Act 2009, patients in mental hospitals are only allowed to take legal action against hospital employees if they first obtain leave of the court. At Happy Place Mental Hospital there is a disturbance in which Andy (a patient) is hit over the head with chair by Bob (a diabetic[…]

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