Essay on Should Abortion Be Legalized or Not?

Published: 2021/11/03
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Basically, abortion refers to the deliberate termination of human pregnancy. I oppose the argument that abortion should be legalized because of several effects and risks it may cause to the victim. From the religious point of view, abortion is a crime because it is seen murder where an innocent unborn baby is denied a right to life thus, one singer sang “Abortion is a crime.” Therefore, I strongly reject the motion that abortion should be legally approved because of the reasons that am going to discuss below.

One of side and short-term effect of abortion is excessive bleeding and cramping, the pills offered by the doctor to carry out abortion cause uterus to contract and pass out the pregnancy tissues and because of this uterus contractions, the victim experiences severe pains. These pregnancy tissues pass out within 4 to 5 hours inform of blood and this bleeding may at times last as long as 3 weeks and may affect the victim because of excessive blood lose. Apart from the bleeding, the patient will also experience short term effects such as feeling dizzy, drowsiness, diarrhea, headache, fever, and nausea or severe vomiting and hence affecting normal body functioning.

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The second effect of abortion is that it may damage the womb or cervix; when the doctors do not carry out the abortion procedure properly , it may result to the infection of the uterus and when this infection is not treated during its early stages, it could spread to the uterus walls and ovaries and thus causing a disease called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), (Upadhyaya, Ushma D., et al.,2015).This disease can increase the chances of infertility and future child bearing or it can cause an ectopic pregnancy ; this is a pregnancy where an egg implants itself outside the womb.

Thirdly, first time abortion may lead to future pre-mature deliveries. Women who commit abortion at their first pregnancy are at great risk of giving birth prematurely in future. The data provided by the scientists show that abortion of the first pregnancy increases the chances of continuous pre-term birth in future pregnancy by around 40%. This is caused by the damage to the cervix thus weakening it and as a result of this weakness of the womb that allows the pregnancy to slip away before the due birth date thus resulting to miscarriage. ( Sajadi-Ernazarova, Christopher L. Martinez., et al.,2010)

Finally, abortion might to other serious tragedies such breast cancer and even premature death. Some scientists reveal that abortion can cause breast cancer because it distracts the first half pregnancy since estrogen which increases the risk of breast cancer is secreted at this stage in order to stimulate breast growth and therefore, abortion at this point will expose the victim to high estrogen concentration when cells are compatible thus high chances of breast cancer. Not forgetting to mention, abortion sometimes may lead to premature death of the mother. According to the statistics provided by WHO, each year between 4.7% – 13.2% of maternal deaths can be attributed to unsafe abortion. Abortion is unsafe when carried out by personnel lacking necessary skills or when done in the environment that does not fit the standards considered safe for abortion (Zaplata , and Winfried Lamersdorf-2021). This has led to premature deaths of many adolescents with unwanted pregnancies.

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However, abortion might be rendered good or legal when done by qualified professionals and done as an away of family planning to reduce the number of unwanted kids thus reducing the drastic increase in the number of populations worldwide.


In summary, I highly reject the argument that abortion should be made legal because of the high the high risks and complications it causes the victims as I have discussed above. As observed the disadvantages surpasses the advantages and hence the abortion should be illegal.

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