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Published: 2021/11/15
Number of words: 935

Everything that relates to or has a connection with Earth should be revised from the perspective of the critical thinking. The globe is full of evil and it is difficult to recognize it as it wears a lot of masks and like a chameleon is capable of obtaining different colors to deceive people. The Christianity teaches to be like an ignorant baby in relation to everything new as it can bring seduction and harm, thus, killing the faith. One who is mature in thinking is the one whose heart is opened to Christian dogmas and patterns. All these issues are considered by the church and interpreted from the Christian symbols. Paul Tillich strived to explain these symbols of revelation as the answers to the human’s existence in the part of mature thinking.

The Biblical symbols are still can not be reached fully and a lot of disciplines work on its interpretation. The Christianity promises stability for those who are tired of changes. However, it requires efforts in the changeable world, thus, appealing to the human being to be mature in Christian thinking and stay babes in evil. The incorrect interpretation creates the imbalance of the human’s nature and spirituality. Paul Tillich argues the feasibility of being ignorant in order to achieve the divine foolishness. This is a justification of being ignorant in relation to knowledge that sometimes can be considered as a threat to the Christianity.

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The power of knowledge gives a chance to think critically in order to protect the faith and know how to do it applying different spheres of knowledge. Tillich states that “the Christian churches and individuals often bury their power of thinking because they believe that radical thought conflicts with the divine foolishness that underlies all wisdom”. The danger to the recommendations towards babe’s faith lies in the fact that the children can stray in the religion. Their ability of critical and sane assessment is not developed. That is the reason why they do not recognize the dictators, charlatans, and religious cheaters. There is no obstacle on the way to worship Moloch, Zeus, demon, communism, Hitler or money voluntarily if it comes to the faith to be more important than its content. That is what so-called divine foolishness can lead to without the ability to think maturely and critically. The object of faith is important when the logic and not rationalism plays the corresponding role. If logic has no meaning then one can compare only one system of thinking where a person jumps from one faith to another one. The Christ was considered as madness because that was how people thought of him, however, he was wiser than people. He was considered to be weak as knowledge but he rescued the world.

The wisdom of God is called as madness and everything powerful is called weak like his light is taken as darkness. Paul Tillich mentions the quote from the Bible: “Brethren, do not be children in your thinking; be babes in evil, but in thinking be mature”. (1 Corinthians 14:20). Paul renders an ironic message to the people who are like children interested in every sparkling thing in order to get it, thus, suggesting them to be like children in relation to evil. He advises to be ignorant in evil actions but when it comes to the mind and knowledge, one should be mature in thinking. Lewis Galloway in the article “Divine Foolishness” points that the maturity is incarnate in the Christianity with the wisdom as sin interferes the communication with God and creates obstacles on the way to comprehend his will with darkened minds and hearts. These words prove the feasibility of being mature in thinking as it makes the ways clear to comprehend, to choose, realize, and contemplate.

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All these processes develop the firm base on the way to avoid fails and be strict in personal convictions that remain steady under a number of circumstances where knowledge and maturity are vital. Elizabeth Eaton in the article “Divine Foolishness” states that “the relationship with God is so simple, deep, and true that the church just wants to glitz it up”. The light is a knowledge that makes one mature to think and choose. The divine foolishness is a notion that is created to shatter the faith with lies as the one who is not mature in thinking can be deceived. Henriques is convinced that “Paul was telling us about four important gifts God has given to the Church: apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastors/teachers”. The people were provided with the above-mentioned powerful teachers to make children mature in thinking.

To sum up, the foolishness of mind and the foolishness of the incorrect symbols interpreting distract the attention as well as lead to ignorance that is destructive for Christianity. The lack of maturity can make one worship idols, thus, destroying the initial goal of the Christianity. It is easy to control the immature people by means of dictatorship, communism, money, and wrong ideology.

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