Essay on Integrative Managerial Issues

Published: 2021/11/15
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The management process is critical in any given organization as it ensures that a firm is working towards the attainment of its goals. However, most companies often experience a variety of integrative managerial issues that prevent them from achieving operational effectiveness. For instance, Samsung Electronics is an international organization that has faced such management problems. The company has been facing an employee coordination issue due to the centralized organizational structure. Equally, the management has not been effective in communication, which increased the level of misunderstanding in the firm. In that regard, the company leadership needs to use appropriate approaches such as avoiding over-managing and displaying effective communication skills to improve management effectiveness.

Company Description

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is among global leaders in digital convergence technologies and media. The company operates in more than fifty countries all over the world. Its headquarters is based in South Korea’s capital Seoul. Under the leadership of the Samsung Group chairman Mr. Kun Hee Lee, the firm is committed to enhancing the efficiency of operations by improving its management. The company manufactures and markets various electronics, including TVs, mobile devices, computers, cameras, washing machines, and microwaves among others(Chung & Freeze, 2009).Its diversity in operations has seen it among the leading firms in the electronics industry.

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Organizational Structure

The company has embraced a centralized organizational structure, whereby the top management is in charge of the strategic decisions. The structure enhances the decision-making process by ensuring it is quick and swift. However, the centralization of the structure never offers the middle and lower managers a platform to voice their opinions, but rather leaves them with an option of following orders from above. Employees are forced to implement various decisions irrespective of being incorrect. Such aspects have negatively affected communication between workers and managers, as the top management is over authoritative. Resultantly, the organization’s coordination efforts are disrupted, leading to poor management.

Managerial Approaches

Project Oxygen’s managerial approaches can aid Samsung in the improvement of the management effectiveness. For instance, the firm should avoid over managing the employees and lower managers by letting them be responsible in their respective fields. The centralized structure has seen most team members powerless in making critical decisions in their departments. Therefore, the top managers should advise the other workers other than providing orders. Moreover, it is essential for the senior managers to display good communication skills. Top managers should also listen to other team members instead of only directing them (Robbins, Coulter, & DeCenzo, 2017). The goal of the two approaches will be to improve decision making and enhance the coordination of the team. Notably, appropriate management of employees and effective communication will ensure the organization achieves its set objectives.

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Evolution of Scientific Management

Google, in the quest to improve its management via “Project Oxygen” aligned with the evolution of scientific management. Particularly, the project allowed engineers to carry out their duties without unnecessary intervention. The decision is logical in the sense that it promotes efficiency in operations. Besides, the authorities applied scientific methods in examining 100 variables from which they ascertained and ranked the eight most essential. The identification of the most vital elements contributed significantly to contemporary management by offering a platform for improving the process.

Analysis and Conclusion

Over-management of employees is a main challenge in organizations. It limits the lower level managers and other workers in general from offering the best in improving the efficiency of operations. The top managers should allow the employees to use their self-efficacy in contributing to the decision-making process (Consiglio, Borgogni, Di Tecco, & Schaufeli, 2016). Equally, effective communication is vital in any given organization. Poor communication hinders the coordination of the departments, thereby derailing the attainment of the common goals (Thomas & Stephens, 2014). Therefore, it is significant for an organization to address the two managerial issues to improve efficiency in management and eventually high output.


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