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Published: 2021/11/11
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In the contemporary world, everything is becoming digital. The trends in networking have aided the changes in the mode of running the operations. A network is an essential element in modern business. An effective network should provide communication, services, and connections. The building blocks in connection include the hardware elements needed. Examples of these requirements include the network medium and interface that connects the computer systems to the network (LoGalbo & Hiben,2012). In the communication element, a platform for sharing information has to be established that will lead to the actualization of the ultimate goal that is the provision of services. In this case, the computer can share files or directories that are required in the execution of business operations. This paper will discuss the requirements needed in a network that will provide a solution regarding networking to FractalApps.

Five business requirements related to the design and implementation of the network

The first need that needs am address is coming up with a network plan. The plan will act as the guideline that will aid in the actualization of the set objectives. Planning entails the mapping and conceptualizing and administering the business network. Planning will help in doing away with a poor decision that makes the administration ready to solve future issues concerning the network. It is at this stage that the requirements will be identified. For example, the WAN components, the LAN components (Border et al.,2015).

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After planning, it is obvious that an organization will grow. Therefore the managers have to put in place measure that will ensure growth is promoted. The management need is, therefore, avoiding outages. To avoid this, reporting and capacity tools should be integrated as they will in planning for the future, Growth of business comes in with configuration needs. This will lead to changes in the networking plan (Border et al.,2015).

After planning for both current and future occurrences in a network, it is crucial that a control mechanism of the wireless network is in place. The third requirement is, therefore, controlling the network more so the wireless. To overcome the challenge of the mushrooming devices, the managers are supposed to implement tracking devices and automated IP management (Border et al.,2015)..

The goal of networking that is ensuring that the end-users are productive should be bolstered. This brings the App-centered outlook requirement that ensures that the applications are running effectively and are user-friendly. This will help in management as the deep inspection packet may be integrated. The IT pros will also help in solving problems associated with the performance of the application (Border et al.,2015)..

In networking, it is essential that defense mechanisms are put in place. The need for application firewalls comes in. This is an important element as it helps in untangling conversations in devices. The phenomena also aid in the management of IP address and ensuring that fundamental traffic comes in efficiently. These phenomena are essential in all networks that is WAN,LAN, and VPN (Son et al.,2013).

Cabling in Local Area Network

LAN is a connection where different computers are interconnected within a limited area. In this case, a LAN is required in the headquarter premises in Washington DC, the sales offices based n NYC and in the development house in San Francisco. There are different types of cables that are used in LAN, namely coaxial, twisted, and fiber-optic. Twisted pair cable is the most convenient type of cable that should be used in LAN due to the cancellation provision. UTP and STP are the types of twisted pair cable prevalent the Unshielded twisted pair are the most convenient in this case as they are of small diameters and do not require grounding. Category 5e and 6 have a higher transfer rate of 1Gbps. This makes it the most convenient category to use(Binder,2012).

The Wide Area Network Infrastructure

WAN is a type of interconnection connecting various Local Area Network.. the connection may cover longer distances that may be all over the world. In this case, WAN is required to connect the various work stations and the VPN utilized by mobile workers. Routers and switches will be interconnected to form the network. Both topologies will be used that is the half and full mesh. Packet switches will be beneficial as the users need to share the directories and the communication platforms. The circuit switches are important as they will assist in establishing and terminating communication. This is meant for security issues. An ISDN is more preferable as it functions like the telecommunication platform. Initiation of communication is established the specific circuit number. This requires the routers to have data for remote locations. DTE and DCE equipment have to complement the routers to provide a clock rate for sending and receiving information between different devices. Therefore every Local area network has to have a DCE or a DTE that will aid in wide area connection. This equipment will help in communication as it is distanced (Binder,2012).

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Virtual Private Networks

It is an essential component in the modern world as firms create their networks for communication purposes. This is the case as there is a need to get in touch with remote mobile users. VPN uses connections that are routed via the internet from a company’s private network to other employees. The most suitable type of VPN for the company is Remote-Access, that is also known as VPDN (Virtual Private Dial-up Network. This is where the mobile users are connected to a Local Area Network. This will require the company to liaise with an Internet Service Provider that will provide a dial-up account for the users at the field. A number ranging from 1-800 has to be established to connect to the internet and utilize the VPN software to get access to the corporate site te network. Remote access is better compared to the site to site in connecting mobile users (Binder,2012).

Site to site VPN will be used to connect the different offices in DC, San Francisco, and NYC. Specifically, intranet VPN will be used as it is communication between offices of the same company. For the security of data IPsec (Internet Protocol security will be used as it has stronger algorithms (Binder,2012)

Diagramatic presentation of FractalApps network


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