Essay on Confucius’ Philosophy

Published: 2021/11/08
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According to Solomon, Confucianism is a comprehensive structure of thought which compresses many perceptions and ideas. In the Confucius philosophy, the most fundamental perception is ren. The most important of this concept is to understand better and summarize the Confucius system’s principal values. The ren concept’s value reflects humanity’s ultimate idea in Confucianism (Yun et al.; 2020). The paramount importance of this philosophy, according to Solomon, is to create a harmonious relationship between the society. Confucius argues that harmony is the most valuable aspect that should be practiced in the community since it will promote social interactions between the people.

To achieve the concept of Confucianism, people should understand the values and importance harmonious community. In most cases, Confucius, as a philosopher, encouraged morality and ethics. He was a great Chinese philosopher who fueled Confucianism’s concept, promoting peace and harmony in China (Kovtun et al.; 2021). Another significant idea of Confucius’ was that teachers and rulers should be role models to others. As a teacher and philosopher, Confucius believes the teachers and rulers should be practice benevolence to maintain harmony in the community.

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Socrates’ philosophy

Socrates was a great philosopher in ancient Greek. He firmly believed philosophy could achieve better results for the well-being community. In his studies as a philosopher, he tried to launch an ethical structure based on human life (Vladimirovna et al.; 2020). His philosophy compressed two main components which he looked forward to applying, philosophical didactic and phenomenological components. Philosophical didactic tries to express the problem that faced historians when tried to recon structure the Socrates origin idea. This component of Socrates’ philosophy attempts to solve the issues faced by ancient historians.

Historians can analyze issues using the Socrates philosophy theory, thus concluding a reasonable conclusion (Wolfsdorf et al.,2021). In other words, the didactic component of Socrates’ philosophy emphasizes informative and instructional qualities that might have been existing in the past time. The overview of Socrates’ philosophy applies both philosophical and historical, thus reflecting a different understanding of nature. According to Socrates’ philosophy, there is a need to understand history’s importance as it gives a better foundation for the future.

Concept of Atman

The concept of Atman is almost applied in all institutions of Hinduism. Currently, the Atman concept is transforming into the English language, thus encouraging better understanding to all people. Atman’s concept mostly applies the Western idea to articulate its knowledge to the people. Atman can be seen as the immortal aspect which hides the individual all matters of conception, including the human. The first use of the Atman concept was Indian text in the Rig Veda. The Atman concepts stipulated that organisms on which other elements are made are the ultimate principle(Liebert et al.;, 2021). This concept of Atman remains to be a hypothesis since many philosophers have not made clear conclusions concerning it. Although the idea was proven in the Vedas theory, it has no evidence that shows the concept is right.

Heraclitus’ philosophy

In his philosophy, Heraclitus’ believes that the world is following Symbols that were ultimately made of fire. Heraclitus is one of the greatest thinkers. His style of life was dominated by unique characteristics, which made him thrive in his philosophy. He had unique personalities such as broadmindedness, honesty, and gentleness. Heraclitus could spend more time reading philosophy bookies. This encouraged him, thus become the most significant philosopher (Ramjee et al.; 2021). Heraclitus has been a creative philosopher; his effort was involved the most epigrammatic trustworthy fragments. Heraclitus has been the most significant thinker; he mostly influences most learners to adopt intellectual thinking aspects. Heraclitus as a philosopher, is one of the greatest authors. He has published several books addressing the elements of creative thinking. In his books, Heraclitus believes that unapparent influences link to many thinkers and influence one’s perception of thought. The second characteristic of Heraclitus is honesty. He believes honesty in human life plays the ultimate role (Arcesilaus et al.; 2021). The aspect of been honesty creates positive interactions between individuals and other people in the community.

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Democritus philosophy

Democritus is well known as an antiquity philosopher because of his laughing aspects. Democritus, as a philosopher, values and appreciates the element of cheerfulness, unlike the Heraclitus philosopher who has never been happy (Shawn et al.;, 2020). According to the ancients, Democritus became a philosopher at a younger age and was mostly associated with contemporary Socrates. As time advanced, and become among the most significant philosophers across the world. The worker of Democritus as philosopher survived in second-hand reports as he kept on publishing many philosopher books. After some time, the reported Aristotle give the best evidence, and Democritus was regarded as the best philosopher of that year. Basing on the characteristics of Democritus, he displays his uniqueness compared to other philosophers.

Rhetoric sophists

The research shows that Plato was mistaken in fear of the sophists. Thus the tense has affected him up today. Under his powershifts, he could travel everywhere, offering education to the younger philosophers. His characteristic of being fearful encouraged many younger people to adopt the philosophers’ courage in China (Jarrattet et al.;, 2021). At long last, Plato approved with Sophists that outdated education was not useful to the younger people. It was a desire for the Sophist to impact positive change to the lives of the younger people. , the Sophist shares his unique traits, basically are individual personality, and they cannot be transferred to another individual. To adopt Sophist characteristics, they must learn and practice them daily (Birney et al.; 2020). A Sophist is a professional philosopher and influencer of life. Through sophists’ unique traits, he has influenced the lives of several youths.

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