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Engineering Ethics The film on Gilbane Gold outlays various phenomena details. These details relates to an overwhelming increase in toxic waste in the city’s sewage system; A case of engineering ethics. Individuals point an accusing finger on high tech industries in the region. These industries as claimed have increased pollution by increasing toxic waste in[…]

The battle of Chatham was probably one of the most successful attacks on the English naval ships laid in dockyards. However when different individuals look at the painting of the battle they have a right to their interpretation. The painting shows ships sailing on the ocean. The mood of the painting is peaceful. The flags[…]

Introduction Storms had immense destructive influence on ancient ships and canoes. This influence relates to the state of ships in that period. However, the resultant influence of ships wrecks and storms was loss of property and lives. Perhaps archeologists continue discovering ancient sunk ships on the ocean containing all manner of treasures. If these archeologists,[…]

Aliens film was written and produced by James Cameron in 1986. It is a film of genre science fiction horror featuring Ellen Ripley as the character. In the movie, the connection between the past and present is well-knit in order to produce a scintillating plot. Ripley has been in stasis state for 57 years, and she[…]

Comparison of the two works of art Pan Yuliang and Amrita Shergil were painters who embodied modernity even though they worked during the interwar period. Their work was centred on issues of gender and race, and as a result, they were referred to as feminist role models and female artists. Although the two painters have[…]

Art is a form of expression not only for the artist but of the society that they belong to. The greatest aim of any artist is to convey a deeper image of society as a whole by using images. This means that the artist must be rooted in the community or the issue that they’re[…]

The film Noah depicts an overview of the incident of flood in the biblical account of Noah and the ark. Darren Aronofsky, the film director, unfolds the story of Noah and the ark as a relationship story. The filmmaker elaborates about the relationship between Noah and his father where he is seen giving his blessings[…]

There are several beautiful mythological stories from Classical civilization. The most beautiful is the story of Psyche and Eros (Psyche and Cupid). The tale is different from most ancient legends as it is romantic and has a happy ending. The myth was about the daughter of a king and queen. She was described as stunningly[…]

Discuss specific elements from antiquity (Classical Greek and Roman Republic/Empire periods) that the Renaissance artists applied and or improved upon in the art and architecture. Include an explanation of why these old ideas were adopted and how they were modified? There Romans used various elements to improve their arts and architect. For some, they learned[…]

Banksy’s art seeks to demonstrate the amount of human rights breaches in various nations and how cruelly innocent children are routinely inspected by armed forces (Pallarès Olivé, 2019). Banksy mocks the absurdity of any child who faces discrimination and distrust by switching between the roles of a girl and a soldier. There are two figures[…]

The doctor movie is one of the best movies that talks about a surgeon doctor who faces problems of confrontation with his patients. Dr.Jack Mackee he is known for his cool attribute by his co-workers who believe in him as being very successful in his career life in the movie context. Jack has a wife[…]

The museum object selected for assignment includes a Byzantine Cameo, which represents one of the most glyptic museum collections from the past in the United States. The image was published in the year 1889 by an anonymous artist. The iconographic representation of the image of Christ was valued during the Byzantine era. The image was[…]

The modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s 1595 play Romeo and Juliet is Arthur Laurent’s 1961 Westside Story, all about tragic love stories. Westside Story is a musical film where the song presents the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks. Romeo and Juliet is a play in which the protagonists speak and act out their minds using Shakespeare’s poetic verbatim to present the[…]

The invention of photography changed the way we look at everything in the world. With the help of the reflecting light on the canvas, painting became easy. The artist only needed to trace the image and then paint it. Photographs have developed into much more than that in recent years. We film everything, including getting[…]

This work will focus on the artist and work of Edward Degas, the nineteenth-century painter, typically known for his illustrations that capture the movements of both dancers and horses in various environments. The nineteenth century is identified by the social change and reform that occurred and it is this combination of the traditional and the[…]

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