Essay on Cultural Relativism

Published: 2021/11/08
Number of words: 638

The more the bids contractors get, the higher are their chances of excelling in the market through adopting the ways of life of target customers. Based on the Brazilian culture, the adverse effects of the dumping of wastes is yet to be felt. It may be considered a negligible effect. Brazil is among the ten biggest waste producers in the world. A higher percentage of this waste goes to unsafe and improper destinations without much consideration of the effects of some of the waste products. Based on the research corporations, about 40000 tons of food is disposed to landfills every day, and it produces harmful gases such as methane (Yeung, 2020). Therefore, based on Brazilian culture on waste disposal, no much consideration of the aftermath of waste disposal. In this regard, as the CEO, I would encourage my Project Lead in Brazil to lower their standards and do as the Brazilian are accustomed to. I would direct them to remove the 25% cost on special waste handling and, like other contractors, dump waste on the designated places. Therefore, based on cultural relativism to excel, we have to cope with the norms of our hosts, and hence, we will be able to compete favorably with other entities.

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Ethical Imperialism

In brazil, mountains of garbage in landfills and broad emission of industrial gases have threatened life (Kopsch, 2019). Conversely, Canadian laws and policies have clearly defined how to deal with waste. However, following the Brazilian culture of less differentiation of wastes and huge dumping on landfills, it is ethically wrong on consideration of the aftermath. Governments and society are entities which look forward to the preservation of the life of both humans and animals. According to an analysis of demolition waste such as lead and mercury, they are heavy metals which once incorporated with water provided to the huge populations on urban areas, would be catastrophic. In Canada, the imposed laws on waste management are tailored towards preserving life after consideration of the disastrous effect of hazardous waste on landfills. In this regard, I would advise the project lead to withdrawing from Brazil. Being there is a compromise on the noble goals as a company we are accustomed to. Many resources would be wasted, and the guilt conscious will overwhelm the company, and hence the solution would be to withdraw from the Brazilian market.

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The collective mission and vision of many companies are to excel with the best service provision and excel in both the regional and global markets. Therefore, as the CEO, I would go on working in brazil adhering to their norms and practices. There are so many businesses rising and are competitive, and gaining an external market is a chance to drive a business to success. The uncontrolled waste disposal in most urban areas has been affecting many, especially those who live around the dumpsites. Nevertheless, the medical system around the globe is advancing with technology, and hence many diseases associated with the effects of wastes have been controlled. In this regard, human life is still being preserved. Many businesses excel in their ventures to the global market. Canadian Demolition gained the Brazilian market, and it’s a great chance to excel by compromising a certain percentage of the company’s doctrines. The huge urban population has led to the construction of many structures, and at the same time, others need to be demolished to create space. In this regard, such an opportunity to succeed in our business is worth taking and compromising much.


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