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Startups are young companies established by entrepreneurs to develop unique products or services in the market. Most startups start with the idea that finally grows into a feasible service, platform, or product after performing market research to ensure a need for such a service or product. Marketing is essential for startups since businesses need to[…]

The modern-day child is less active and in mot case involved only in indoor games. As a result, the world is fighting and battling with many cases of obesity and overweight children and adult. Sporting activity have always played a role in promoting the participation in physical activity. However, the modern-day child only plays passive[…]

Introduction In the contemporary business world, social media marketing has gained popularity due to its wide application globally. The concept entails the utilization of different social media platforms to market products. Initially, researches and practitioners used digital marketing or e-marketing terms, but social media marketing is widely used today. Different platforms allow advertising companies to[…]

Introduction The service industry requires a firm to incorporate several core concepts that can project them to improved operations in the market. There is a need to understand the significance of some ideas in the services marketing management. The report encompasses the service concept, understanding customer types, and to a large extent, the gaps model.[…]

Market Profile Safeguard is the world’s number 1 anti-bacterial soap; it is the only bar and liquid soap FDA registered. Safeguard is intended to protect the whole family from germs (Abbasi, 2021). The soap brand was established in 1995 by Procter and Gamble and has defined “health and hygiene” in multistate markets. Safeguard is an anti-bacterial[…]

Marketing requires an individual with knowledge of how advertisements and promotions can be used to make a product or service not only known but also create customer loyalty. Among the topics that are devised to make an individual, a competitive market isthe NPD model and Sales Forecast Pricing. These are the topics that I find[…]

Brand Brief Red Bull is the leading energy drink that is sold by Red Bull GmbH, headquartered in Australia. It is the world’s leading brand in the energy drinks industry, which was introduced in 1987, and colored amber. Red Bull GmbH uses various metrics to keep Red Bull as main brand in the energy drinks[…]

Introduction Longview wine was started in the year 1969 by the Vuletich family after moving into the New Zealand from Europe. The company committed itself to produce wine made from grapes in the country to what today can be referred to as AFC Longview Estate. The owner of the company resolved to plant grapes for[…]

‘Market Segmentation is the art of analyzing and categorizing prospective clients in different groups possessing common traits which help in framing and executing business criteria by the enterprise marketers’ (Hutt, MD 2017). Identifying customer preferences is crucial to attend to and figure the value of client segments, which can be a challenge that marketers meet (Powers, L.[…]

Feedback from Part B From my previous assignment, most of the areas I tackled were well covered apart from a few that needed some fine-tuning. According to the feedback, my introduction was solid and complete. My mission statement, however, did not follow the guidelines of Peter Drucker’s classic questions as all the queries were not[…]

Unhealthy foods are associated with problems such as obesity, overweight, and a high risk of getting non-communicable infections. As a result, there has been growing concern about how unhealthy foods are marketed, especially to children. For instance, federal restrictions on promoting unhealthy foods and beverages have begun in Canada. Vergeer, Vanderlee, Kent, Mulligan, & L’Abbé[…]

Introduction BAE System is one of the oldest aircraft service provider companies that can be traced back even before World II when people were using human-crewed flights together with wireless communication systems by then (BAE System, 2011). It is still regarded as one of the leading aircraft manufacturers not only in Europe but in the[…]

1.0 Introduction Marketing is an important aspect that helps companies reach out to customers and potential target markets within society. Companies that have employed strategic marketing approaches do better in the market than organizations with poor marketing approaches. There are different approaches to handling of marketing operations in any given company (Chartered Association of Business[…]

Social Media Tools With the social media efforts that the company plans to put in place, there have to be specific social media tools that the company can employ to ensure that the actions are as effective as possible (Constantinides, 2014). The social media marketing tools will enable the company to maintain its consistency with[…]

Introduction With continued technological innovations, digital marketing has been crucial in helping the business grow and maintain a competitive advantage. In order to achieve their goals, businesses are utilizing digital advertising techniques because traditional marketing is no longer effective. The course at Twitter Flight School has been instrumental to me in many aspects (Take Flight,”[…]

Introduction Ethics in the various areas of business is a complex and contentious topic that has been a subject of extensive debate for many years. The biggest challenge for businesses is finding the right balance between making money and doing what is right. Businesses endeavor to satisfy their clients’ needs while at the same time[…]

Summative summary Luxury purchase is a significant boost for the economy both in developed and developing countries in the 21st century. In respect to the trendy world, the millennium has been associated with the luxury purchase across the globe. The factor can be linked to the fact that they are so much attached to keeping[…]

Part A: Although consumption can be defined in multiple ways, it is best defined economically as the end purchase of goods and services. In most of the sciences and social sciences, consumption denotes the usage of goods and services (East et al., 2016). Consumption is a critical part of the economy since it promotes the[…]

Introduction Establishing an audience development plan is essential for businesses that intend to do better in the consumer market. An audience plan allows a company or brand to capture the attention of a specific target group (Waltl, 2006). The aim is to boost the relationship that customers have with the business and increase their loyalty.[…]

1.0 Company profile London, England serves as the headquarters of this transnational retailing and food processing firm which operates in the food processing retail industry (Black et al., 2015). Lactose, enzymes, emulsifiers, baker’s yeast and sugar are produced in large quantities in Associated British (AB) Foods Company’s ingredients division making it the globe’s second-largest producer.[…]

  Marketing Plan for Dunkin’ Donuts to double its number of stores in the US by 2020 1. Executive summary The three year marketing plan for Dunkin’ Donuts has been created by its founders to secure additional funding for growth and to inform the employees of the current status of the company and the direction[…]

Literature review As competition within both the goods and service industries becomes more and more intense, many organisation are searching for new and innovative ways to retain their consumers (Banyte & Dovaliene, 2014). As consumer demand is constantly increasing, consumer’s involvement in the creation of a product or service is of substantial interest to many[…]

Introduction:- SABIC a world leading manufacturer of petrochemical products has been proven to be successful in spite of the recession1. Headquartered in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and with branches worldwide, SABIC was founded in 1976 with an aim to develop world class petrochemical products from its petroleum resources. Initially being the 10th largest petrochemical producer[…]

INTRODUCTION: The given task in the Marketing Future’s 1 module is to classify the generations and characteristics of generations and relate to generational marketing in terms of post-modern marketing and to discuss the characteristic of consumer tribes and relate this in terms of post-modern marketing. In order to do so, many theoretical concepts and approaches[…]

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