Essay on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Twitter Flight School

Published: 2021/11/11
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With continued technological innovations, digital marketing has been crucial in helping the business grow and maintain a competitive advantage. In order to achieve their goals, businesses are utilizing digital advertising techniques because traditional marketing is no longer effective. The course at Twitter Flight School has been instrumental to me in many aspects (Take Flight,” n.d.). My understanding of digital marketing has improved and I can comfortably get ready for any digital marketing job. However, there have been a few challenges but which Iwas able to overcome with time. In my quest to reflect on the course, I will utilize Gibb’s Reflective Cycle. The model advocates for a step by step exploration of an event, starting with its description, followed by the feelings of an individual, then an evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and finally an action plan(Potter, 2015). In that regard, through Gibb’s Reflective Cycle, the report reflects on the course and highlights the gains I made.


 The course involved two courses. The first course entailed Twitter video advertising foundations and the second one entailed Twitter advertising campaign basics. Course one equipped me with knowledge about how Twitter’s video partners as well as ad formats. I also learned how to structure plans with the intent of achieving specific advertiser’s objectives. In the second course, I learned about campaign creation, launch, optimization, and reporting. Twitter Flight School has provided a conceptual framework that explains how I can assess my effort. Through the course, I was able to learn the essence of using adverts online to access users on different platforms. Equally, there is a need to closely examine the role of an advertising foundation in digital marketing. Furthermore, the course has enabled me to note the key role that video adverts play in promoting online sales. The key function of marketing leadership with Twitter Flight School is to ensure that a company is able to grow its audience and easily analyze data. As such, the course provided me with an opportune time to learn on video advertising on Twitter. It provides an insight into crucial information to both companies and customers, who operate online.

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The course is covered with information on how to effectively use the Twitter platform to improve a company’s customer base. The essence of making advertisements is to promote awareness of a product. Twitter videos can be customized in a manner that enables them to access their target group. The course further, gives an insight into crucial strategies that can help companies analyze their information. In the course, I was able to learn that online platforms have access to a larger pool of customers. Notably, there is a lot to learn from the course as it gives new experience important for digital marketing. Furthermore, I was able to differentiate key aspects of marketing and acquiring more traffic through video advertisements. Importantly, the experience on the basics associated with Twitter video ads is exciting. Such experience is key in promoting the impact of the course on the learner.

An interesting experience with the course involves learning all the general information on digital marketing as far as twitter is involved. Notably, Twitter has millions of customers, who are indifferent on consumption habits. As such, the course enables one or a company is able to differentiate and identify mechanisms, which can promote their customer base. To me, this is clear that to acquire the required knowledge. Moreover, designing an appealing platform or poster that can attract customers was such a pleasant experience. Such attractive ads play a crucial role in increasing traffic for company products. Interactive sessions with colleagues also played an essential role in ensuring that I understand the role of video adverts on twitter. In the process of interacting, I was able to realize that leadership management requires more than just the formalities involved. Proper leadership management can be promoted through the application of digital means of marketing and the desire to achieve proper results. More so, it is through the knowledge acquired from the course that I was able to acquire crucial skills on the creation of appealing poster images for posting. As such, the course on the use of video adverts on Twitter has been an experience to always remember.


There is always a feeling of contend when one learns something that is helpful. Before the course, I was not in a position to understand important the logic behind video advertising on Twitter. With the experience gathered, I am now in no doubts that I can be able to apply the knowledge with ease. Initially, I had no idea that video ads on Twitter are an essential part of digital advertising. As such, the experience made me realize that there is more into online advertising. Moreover, there is a feeling of triumph and confidence in gathering the information that is basic and helpful in promoting company business.

It is critical to note that anyone who is a registered user on Twitter has the ability to use the video advertising option. Knowing such a fact that I had no prior information has helped me change my attitude towards the use of such platforms. Initially, Twitter had only the feature working for agencies and organizations. In the year 2016, they allowed each of their users to access and utilize the feature. Such information is important in the sense that it has been able to enlighten me at the same promoted my understanding ability in digital marketing. Equally, I had no information on the key objectives of the established Twitter Flight School. Its essence is to ensure that agencies are advised on how to use the platform well. The platform is advantages to companies and organizations that want to increase their customer base while creating awareness on twitter.

After the experience with the course material, I am able to differentiate the basics involved when using video ads on Twitter. Additionally, my skill set in digital marketing has improved as a result of information learned and experience gained. In essence, Twitter Flight School has been instrumental in transforming the thoughts I had about Twitter and what they can be able to offer. Many agencies and personalities on Twitter are using such an advantage to promote business online. Moreover, the experience that I acquired provided an opportunity to learn crucial aspects in marketing. Nonetheless, there was a need to react to the course information in a welcoming manner. This helped me comprehend facts learned and use them in the real world.


Positively I learned that the topics involved are exciting. For instance, covering the basics of twitter video advertising is enjoyable and easy to understand. As such, the opportunity to learn the scope of online advertising has transformed me both professionally and skill wise. Furthermore, the course provides a strategic analysis as to what approach can be applied to promote traffic online. Video advertising foundations that are covered offered an exciting chance to learn how to achieve targets as required(Street, 2008). Equally, learning how to develop posters and other video adverts on Twitter worked well with me. In essence, I was able to comprehend various mechanisms that can be applied to boost traffic. Advantageously, every module of the course provides clear summery or guidelines that should be followed. So to say, Twitter Flight School is the perfect chance for anyone who has an ambition of learning digital marketing, especially on twitter. Furthermore, the privilege of acquiring knowledge online worked well as I am able to gather key information. As compared to other means of delivering such important content, Twitter Flight School ensures efficiency and convenience. The experience gained is indicative of the nature things worked flawlessly with the course.

Interactive sessions play a key role in the understanding of a phenomenon or issue. The course did not address this area totally, which threatens further understanding of the topic in question. Digital marketing requires the sharing of information among colleagues, especially when there is a need to solve a matter. Twitter Flight School provides a decent platform that can be used to gain useful knowledge, however, failure to provide a way of holding discussions derails the efficiency of the platform. Moreover, the fact that one requires to use the internet every time they want to access information. Such, restrictions threaten the delivery of service to users. As such, there is a need to have a way of making information accessible to many conveniently. Moreover, it is essential to reduce any possible blocks to access of information to promote efficiency.

Throughout the course, I was able to gain more information following what I experienced. Online marketing through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is on the rise, necessitating for knowledge that can enable organizations to utilize the option. Somehow, the experience was complete as I am able to carry out basics on video advertising courtesy Twitter Flight School. My experience with the platform is one of the best that has not experienced any difficulties. As such, I learned that an organization can apply digital means to sensitize the society by using platforms such as Twitter. It is also crucial to note that video advertising plays a key role in the marketing process of a company. Additionally, the experience I gained made me note the essence of images, especially on online platforms. To my advantage, the course added much information regarding tools that one can apply to increase the flow of traffic online. An experience that is most appropriate on matters to deal with video ads on Twitter.


The course was easy and appropriate for my career as a marketer. I quickly grasped most of the concepts that I later applied in our group task of preparing a poster. In fact, I managed to contribute to the entire process involved in poster development and presentation. The most interesting part was the designing of the poster, whereby I had to aid in deciding the most appropriate colors and the quantity of content to use. Having gone through the course, I understand what people need, and I advised my group members to use the appropriate colors that would easily attract the attention of the targeted audience. In the preparation of the poster, we had to put the heading at the top with bold writings to ensure the viewers easily understand its purpose. Equally, I understand that in the current era, people are not fond of reading long descriptions. In that regard, I advised my group members to ensure they reduce the content of the poster by writing most elements in point form. This would definitely motivate viewers to read its content. The utilization of the poster space is another key aspect that I contributed to in the poster preparation. Through the course, I understood the importance of initiating a proper layout in a poster with an appropriate distribution of elements. Notably, we managed to design an appealing poster, which we are convinced will be effective in serving its purpose.

However, as I was going through the course, I noted that some aspects were technical for one to master in one session. For instance, in the second course, I noted that understanding one’s audience is a key aspect of making a successful marketing campaign. As easy as it may look, the entire process of understanding the audience is truly challenging. In my viewpoint, it will take a long period of time for one to understand the audience. I was even confused in identifying the process of understanding the target audience, as I found it to entail a lot of elements. Nevertheless, after thinking about this topic for an extended period, I have come to realize that my hurry to go through the course, may have contributed to such unnecessary obstacles. Notably, I found out the course to be a bit long, considering the number of modules and respective lessons. As such, I was quickly going through the elements, a behavior that saw me not understanding some of the aspects. I think I need to go through the course once again to perfect on the areas that turned out to be challenging to me. Equally, after contributing to the preparation of the group poster, I now have some experience in marketing over social media networks. Therefore, the course will seem to be a repetition of what I know, thereby improving my expertise in the field.

I also noted that even though the course focused on Twitter, such information can be applied in other social media networks such as Google ads, Youtube, and Facebook. On, there are two ways of adverting; free advertisement such as through a fan page or group, and the paid advertising though paying to boost a post or action. Further, also offers other kinds of adverts such as those geared towards encouraging potential customers to action such as registering or subscribing to a newsletter (Lynn 2008). Google also provides a very effective way of advertising. It has two major classifications of advertising. The first is Google ad words and the second one is the Google ad sense. In Google ad words, the advertisements appear to users of Google in for of word hyperlinks. Finally, YouTube is also another Google service and offers a way to market. Like and Twitter, there is both free and paid to advert on YouTube. Google allows users to post short videos for free and this can be used for advertisements as well as for engaging the existing customers (Zarrella 2009).Such platforms are ideal in making a campaign successful(O’Guinn, 2014). Therefore, initiating a marketing campaign in many sites will see it reach a large number of the targeted audience.

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The Twitter Flight School was very instrumental in making me understand the modalities of digital marketing and benefits accrued from it. For instance, I now understand that there are several benefits that will be gained by carrying out a campaign. To start with, it will engage the already existing customers and help in creating customer loyalty. Engaging the already existing customers is always a very good part of marketing. By offering them a promotion where they will be given a discount if they bring in new visitors to the firm, the customer will feel appreciated. With the same, some, tow birds will be hit. This is because the new guests brought by the already existing will also become customers and hopefully repeat customers. At the same time, it will help in bringing in more customers who will mean more business for the firm and therefore more success in the future.

Action Plan

If I did not gain the knowledge I wanted from the course, I would have looked for an alternative way of gaining knowledge. However, I am satisfied with what I gained from the course. However, the main focal point of what I learned from the course is that I now understand that the advantage of using the digital marketing for adverting is that there is control and the advertisements are effective, both cost wise and function wise.


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