Good Vibes Juice Company Social Media Marketing Plan

Published: 2021/11/12
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Social Media Tools

With the social media efforts that the company plans to put in place, there have to be specific social media tools that the company can employ to ensure that the actions are as effective as possible (Constantinides, 2014). The social media marketing tools will enable the company to maintain its consistency with the social media efforts and automate such measures to ensure that the results that it desires are achieved within the specified period. One of the social media marketing tools that the company can use is Biteable. The Biteable marketing tool will enable the company to create and enhance good content in social media. Creating good content in social media is one of the essential parts of the whole marketing process that any company can ever desire to engage in. The Biteable tool will enable the company to create good visual content and take its marketing vision to the next level. When the company adopts the Biteable mechanism, it will be better positioned to develop and enhance informative content for its social media platform. The other advantage that the tool will bring to the company is that it will create content that can easily entertain the viewers. With entertaining content, the viewers will be better satisfied, hence increasing the company’s marketing process. Additionally, the tool will ensure that the company creates engaging content for the viewers, which will make them enjoy and get attached to the company.

The other social media tool that the Company can use is Buffer. Buffer is more specific to the Twitter platform. The instrument began off as a scheduling criterion for the Twitter platform. Nowadays, the tool also gives adequate support to other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, and Facebook for the organizations and individuals who still use it. The buffer tool will enable the Company to fill its social media feeds with exciting and relevant content without even necessarily having to log in to Twitter and Facebook. The other social media tool that the Company can use is the Hootsuite tool. The Hootsuite tool is so helpful in today’s world that it is so chaotic regarding social media. The tool will ensure that the Company can handle the multiple social media accounts that it may be having. The Hootsuite will also ensure that the Company can bring all its social media platforms only under one login. The other benefit that the Company will obtain by using the tool is that it will enable the Company to sign up all its social media platforms and contents without incurring any cost. As one of the most popular social media tools for managing worldwide, the tool will enable the Company to enhance collaboration among its team members. The tool also can integrate with Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Combining the social media platforms will ensure that it facilitates an in-depth breakdown of its analytics and allows it to interact freely with its customers.

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The other social media tool that will enable the company with its marketing plan is Mention. Mention is one of the most extreme and comprehensive social media tools. One of the advantages of the tool is that it enhances excellent listening on social media platforms (Lua, 2018). It enables mentioning the brands, the products, and even the competitors that a company may have over real-time. Additionally, the tool will ensure that the company stays at the top of all its conversations. It also enhances responses to the comments that customers may give over the social media platforms. The other benefit that the mentioned tool enhances as a social media marketing tool is that it will enable the company to find influencers relevant to its influence marketing campaigns.

The other social media tool that the company can employ in its social media marketing is Sumo. The Sumo tool is a tool that comprises a whole suite that helps improve any social media marketing strategy that the company may have. The mechanism ensures that the visitors of the social media site can share content on the platforms. It also helps in keeping track of the number of shares.


The social media platforms that the company will use have to be monitored. Close monitoring of the platforms will ensure that every aspect of the marketing plan goes according to the original intent of the plan developers. Close monitoring of the platforms will also ensure that the company keeps track of the critical areas of improvements and the changes that should be made within the marketing plan period. One of the ways of monitoring the social media platforms is the Hootsuite tool. The Hootsuite monitoring tool uses the search streams to monitor conversations relevant to the company, company products, or even the company’s industry (Christina Newberry, 2019). The other tool that will enable easy monitoring of the social media platforms is google alerts. Google will ensure that the company can closely monitor the entire web for its mentions and competitors. The other monitoring tool that the company can employ in monitoring its social media platform is Talkwalker. The tool uses over fifty filers to aid in tracking conversations all over 150 million sources of data. The tool will also ensure that the company can quickly analyze comments, brand sentiments, reach, and engagements. The other social media platforms monitoring tool that the company can use is reputology. The tool will enable the company to monitor and check the reviews that it has on its platforms. The following are some of the metrics that the company can use in monitoring its social media platforms; volume and sentiment, conversations, top influencers, engagement, top engaging social channels, the response rates that the customers have towards the platforms, the response timings that the customers have and the impressions of the viewers.


Social media marketing tools and platforms may be very effective in creating brand awareness for Goodvibes Juice company, attracting more customers. This will then translate to more sales and profits, leading to the growth of the company. Therefore, the following recommendations will enable the company to develop an excellent social media marketing plan. First, the company should invest more resources in video content about the products its offers. Creating videos that identify with the consumer’s preference will attract them to purchase these products. The videos may be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube, where more people can access them. Secondly, the company should be consistent with its social media marketing strategies. This will ensure that consumers are becoming more conversant with the company’s products, leading them to buy the products. Lastly, the company should create flexible strategies for each goal to conform to the trends which may change from one time to another depending on the situation.

Social Media Marketing Goals

Goodvibes Juice company has set several goals to increase its brand awareness across the globe. The social media goals developed by the company make it more competitive in marketing its products. Most customers can access social media platforms from any part of the world at any time, making it a good tool for marketing. Additionally, social media can exchange information regarding the brand in question, making it possible for the brand to be known. Social media is also affordable to the company, thus reduces the marketing expenses that any company has to incur while marketing its products. Therefore, Goodvibes Juice company has developed some critical goals that will enable it to increase its growth and revenue by reaching out to more customers through social media.

First, the company aims to increase the number of sales and sign-ups. This will enable the company to generate more revenues by selling more goods online. In this case, the company targets to increase the numbers of individuals signing up on their websites and various social media platforms. Increasing the number of sign-ups will foster the company’s sales since more people will be aware of the products offered by the company. Secondly, the company has a goal of boosting customers engagement in its operations. In social media platforms such as Facebook, people have an opportunity of engaging with each other. In this case, the company will engage its customers by inquiring more about the customer’s experience and requesting them to provide feedback. The feedback given by the consumers helps make necessary adjustments to increase customers satisfaction. The company’s interactions with the customers will increase their perception of the brand leading to brand loyalty. In the end, this will increase Goodvibes Juice brand awareness across different parts of the world.

Thirdly, the company targets to build a huge social media community around its business. This goal will ensure that it attracts more customers and also retains them in the organization. The audience members will constitute great fans of the company’s products and followers of the brand. In this case, the company aims to start Facebooks groups where it will bring together its loyal customers. The social media community will have an excellent platform to share their concerns and experience with Goodvibes Juice products. Fourth, the company aims to drive more people into their website. This goal may be referred to as pushing the traffic who may turn to be customers. This will attract more customers to the company’s website and inform them of the products offered by the company. Attracting new customers provides a platform through which more people may be convinced of the products and become loyal customers. Social media is a powerful tool that can transform passive audiences into users of the company’s products (Mahoney & Tang, 2016). The last social media marketing goal is increasing the effectiveness of the services offered in the social media platform. This will involve providing more services through social media, such as creating a platform where the customers can give their reviews and rate the products offered by the company. This will also increase customer engagement leading to more sales in the long run.

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The company has rolled out several strategies that will enable it to achieve the outlined social media marketing goals. To increase the number of sign-ups and sales, the company will use purchase discounts to make people purchase goods in bulk. This means that the company will offer more discounts to attract more sales through the social media platform. The company also intends to provide gifts and bonuses for referrals where individuals who refer new customers will earn more gifts and bonuses through the social media platform. This will motivate loyal customers to invite their families and friends into the company’s website, thus growing the business community while increasing customer engagement in its operations. Good vibe Juice company can increase their social media services by creating more exciting products and allowing customers to choose the types of brands that they need from the company. This will also contribute to brand awareness and attract more buyers leading to the growth of the company and the generation of more revenue. These strategies will enable the company to attain its social media marketing goals leading to its success and growth.

Target Market

The company target market comprises individuals who are more concerned about their health status and better ways of getting vitamins into their bodies. This constitutes the youths, most of whom are interested in sweet drinks such as smoothies and almond milk. Their presence on the social media platform will facilitate social media marketing, making a productive venture. This company also targets individuals who are concerned about organic food, most of whom are the aged. Such individuals are so much into organic foods, which makes them potential customers for Goodvibes Juice products. In this case, an excellent example of a target market may be a college student in his early twenties who is very much interested in smoothies, especially when going for a vacation. Such a student would want to buy Smoothies and other products from Goodvibes Juice before going out with friends for a vacation.


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