Essay on Bad and Good Public Relation

Published: 2021/11/30
Number of words: 593

Public relations are the way to get people to like and encourage them to visit the business premises. With good PR, the company is set to get more and more customers and interests. This will bring rise to the company earnings which is good for business. With lousy PR, the company risks both losing employees and customers as well. Therefore, the advertisement team needs to be careful when planning their advertising strategy to get the best PR. We will go through two different advertisements to help us illustrate what a bad and a good PR looks like and how it can be made better or worse.

The economics newspaper dated September 25th, 2021, a business article on the two new shocks for shopping. This business article is published to show the shopping center’s deteriorating conditions and probably reach the people so they can help revive the supermarket industry. This article has been poorly structured, leading to bad PR. The author of the report describes the business situation without much involvement to the reader. The author does not influence the leader into getting interested in getting the supermarket industry better. The article mostly outlined the challenges faced.

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The article’s author failed to involve the reader with a strategy on how they are working hard to get the businesses back to their toes. The report is not interesting enough to the reader. They failed to balance the pros and the cons, with the cons outweighing the pros. For a good PR, the pros should surpass the cons to help bring trust and attraction to the business idea. The author is talking more of what has gone bad rather than what can go well and thus further discourages the retailers and makes the buyers and the readers less interested.

In another article in The Economist September 25th, 2021, another business article called the Berlin Inc.; the author is very good at public relations. He starts by praising the city by describing it as the most powerful economy in Europe. This attracts the reader’s eye, which is what develops an excellent public relation. He further identifies a few low moments and the remedies carried on to bring back normalcy. The author goes on to tell a little history on the root of its present state. This is crucial as it shows how it rose to its supremacy, making the interested investors in that city feel comfortable and full of trust.

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The author goes on owning the press and illustrating various breakthroughs. He presents a graph to bring further more detailed business proceedings, which might help the potential investors. This helps influence and persuades an investor to take a look and probably ask for more details which might lead to a relationship.

This article would have good public Relations because it meets most of the required attributes to be termed as one with excellent public relations. This article can easily persuade an investor or a customer to come and do business with the institution. The report is written in precise sentences that are not overstated. Lengthy sentences at times make one lose interest in the articles, as the longer the sentences, the more significant the number of errors. Would the author have used long sentences and avoided giving a brief history of their development, the article would join the previous article with a bad PR.


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