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Published: 2021/12/03
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Situation Analysis


While educating the team to be familiar with the complex intricacies of web-based social networking, this Social Media Marketing Plan will assist Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color in developing, assembling, and managing its online networking presence. This Social Media Marketing Plan will serve as a road map for Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color in order to achieve all of the company’s distinct goals (Chan-Olmsted & Wong, 2020).

This plan is for a period of seven months, beginning on the 4th of October and concluding at the end of December in the following year. A handbook for utilizing these social media sites is not included, nor does it deal with any other social media or marketing channels, with the exception of Facebook and Instagram, which are covered. As a result of the restricted budget that Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color works with at the present, this plan also eliminates anything connected to paid advertising. However, it is recommended that in the future, certain types of paid advertising be included into the marketing strategy of Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color since they are an excellent method to increase exposure at a very affordable cost. The marketing efforts proposed in this strategy are solely based on organic reach as a result of the above considerations (Casares, 2020).

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In this study, I will describe and identify the present situation in the realms of podcasting and social media marketing, based on an internal and external analysis that takes into account the target audience and consumer, among other things (Casares, 2020). The internal analysis will look into and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of my brand, while the external analysis will look into and deconstruct the opportunities and dangers I may encounter as I begin the process of building my brand and podcast. It will be obvious what my brand’s overall goal is, along with precise and quantifiable goals that will aid in the achievement of the brand’s overall goal. The action plan will include a cost estimate, time management strategies, and evidence of execution and reflection on results, as well as evidence of administration and analysis of outcomes (Chan-Olmsted & Wong, 2020).


Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color’s strength lies in its adaptability. Becky’s brand presence is enhanced by the fact that her LinkedIn profile is already set up but has had little engagement, making the move to posting digital marketing material much simpler. Becky’s development of a Twitter blog is another asset that may be exploited via LinkedIn to share information and learnings from her studies as she seeks to establish industry credibility and improve her brand voice, as she seeks to create industry credibility and boost brand voice.


Flaws in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Lack of contacts and a prior job experience in the marketing sector are the primary reasons behind Becky’s present brand presence. As it is, Becky’s LinkedIn profile is geared toward the events sector, and it will take considerable effort to redesign it to reflect a marketing-oriented approach. Her Twitter blog does not get any traffic since it is new, and this will need to be addressed and improved upon in her action plan in order to fully realize the potential of the blog. The absence of marketing job experience is also a brand problem, since she lacks demonstrable proof of prior digital marketing success that would give credibility to her brand (Erdem & Swait, 2004).


  • Create a favorable increase in followers on a daily basis.
  • Drive more traffic to material that may be shared in exchange for advertising incentives. (Twitter, Instagram, and so on.)
  • Every day, post at least 2 minutes to 3-minute max. movies or images to each of the channels, whether they are your own or shared, that are related to a certain topic.
  • Identify and save pages that may be of interest for future promotions.
  • Observe and gather material from rivals that is not protected by intellectual property rights and may be shared with others.
  • Recognize trends in their infancy and share or produce material that is associated with them.
  • Participating in discussion threads on related and user-generated sites


For social media, I’ll use a fractal-like strategy that can be tweaked to fit the platform’s features. Instagram will be the most popular and first social media network for gaining followers by simply uploading online material with a unique descriptive text that reflects the user’s individuality. Instagram will fill one horizontal display if you upload videos and photos in threes. Each kind of material will be uploaded and completed in the same way. So three hair cut films, three hair color movies, three photos, and so on each day basically produce an effect in which, when viewed over time, each day will have a distinct categorization of material in a chronological manner. These articles will all be search optimized using genre-specific tags, allowing visitors searching for that information to find them. Do it in 2’s or 3’s (posts) on other social media channels, using tags and always including one with a link to Instagram, Twitter, and or other systems in need of traffic will conceivably create a web of links on multiple servers throughout the world wide web and will conceivably generate higher income of connectivity in the better way, even if minor.

Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color

Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color is a cutting-edge, unisex salon with a contemporary design. It specializes in all hair styles for both Africans and Europeans, as well as hair care products and services, such as body care and other body treatments and services. It is situated on Tom Roland New Road, just across from Spiking Circle. Since opening, the salon has served over 2000 clients and dressed more than 30 celebrities (Chung & Kim, 2015).

The Purposes of Social Media Marketing

Throughout the course of the underlying process, the emphasis will be placed on updating the majority of the web profiles in order to ensure development of the Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color image. Each of the pages will be designed in such a way that it seems and feels trustworthy, sharp, and knowledgeable. Our distinguishing goals at Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color are as follows.

  1. Boosting brand awareness, increasing social interaction, and creating a strong online social media presence are the goals of this campaign.
  2. To make the salon’s presence felt on social media by using a unique and quirky style of communication that stands out from the crowd.

Social Media Distribution Channels

This social media marketing strategy is intended to offer recommendations for Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color on how to effectively promote their services on social media, with a focus on Facebook and Instagram as the primary channels of distribution. As the most widely utilized social media channels for the beauty and lifestyle sector audience, these two platforms are the most suitable for promoting Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color. In order to accomplish the above-mentioned general social media objectives, the following particular goals have been established for the two social media channels (Edison Research, 2020):

Instagram Objectives: To increase the number of organic followers on the Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color Instagram page from 8,800 to 11,000 by December 2021, as well as post engagement by 40%.

Its Twitter objectives are to improve Twitter page interaction by 40% amongst its 90,800 followers as well as to grow its client base by 40% by using the platform.

Social Media Audit or An Examination of Social Media

This part provides a baseline of where Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color presently stands in terms of social media presence, which is essential for evaluating future progress. This audit of the company’s social media platforms will assist the marketing team in better understanding the audiences on each channel, the levels of interaction, and the kind of postings that are most effective. The information was gathered from Facebook analytics and Instagram stats, respectively.

Table 1: An Examination of Social Media in Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color

According to the results of an investigation into social media at Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut and Color, video content received more likes on Instagram than other types of content (average of 21,000 likes). The image content, which received an average of 1600 likes per post, was the next most popular. Customers who had their hair braided by Fantastic Becky’s Hair Cut And Color were the subjects of the picture postings, which were mostly photographs of them. Images that were intended to include text received less likes and interaction than other images. A suitable action plan will be developed in response to the findings of the audit.


The target market would be made up of a diverse group of people. People who enjoy funny content, the fashion industry’s younger generation, and cool photos and videos may be interested in following the page. The age range would not have been specific because the average individual enjoys laughing and having found a resource with content from the internet that provides plenty of opportunities to do so. Being entertained and acquiring knowledge can be free, and they won’t have to go out of their way to find it, giving them a reason to stick around.


The following action plan will be implemented in order to accomplish the specified objectives as well as the goals for each particular social media platform.

Table 2a: Implementing Instagram Marketing Strategy

Table 2B: Implementing a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Content Calendar

It is possible to use a content calendar to categorize different types of material such as films and infographics, and to apply a timetable to the distribution of these media formats. It is a planning document that will assist the social marketing team in engaging with the Fantastic Becky’s Haircut and Color audience in a thoughtful and planned manner. A weekly prototype content schedule has been created as part of this strategy, and it will act as a foundation for all future articles going forward. When it comes to posting customized material on certain days and events, the team has the freedom to do so.

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The money will be limited and will be utilized to get Twitter and Instagram up and running. All I need is an HD camera since the rest of the equipment I’ll need is already in my possession. Spending money on shoutouts from larger social media sites may cost anywhere from $30 to $90, depending on the account’s followers, thus spending money for a few shoutouts would also assist the objective. The entire cost was about $1400. Because traffic must be produced in order to get advertisements, return on investment can’t truly be calculated. Selling goods via the channels may produce revenue, but it is not currently planned.


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