Essay on Sales and Marketing Department Plan

Published: 2021/12/17
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In terms of revenue and sales growth, Atha Company has not been performing exceptionally great lately which is why it is pushing hard to double the sales. Even though the organization has achieved substantial progress in the quality of product, there’s still some work to be done in order to meet the required level in the near future. The development’s purpose is to concentrate on the positive aspects of the business and maximize income generation into the company. The objective of the marketing department is to identify new and innovative ways to increase the attractiveness of the company’s products, resulting in increased sales and revenues with the support of marketing strategies.

Departmental Objectives 

The sales and marketing department’s ultimate objectives tend to involve doubling sales and revenues without raising prices, increasing foreign operations, timely and effective decisions on-time delivery, and planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and managing the sales and marketing department to meet the corporation’s purpose of maximizing profits of the business. Despite the fact that the sales and marketing department serves as the corporation’s foundation, it requires some reconfiguration in order to achieve its strategic objectives. As a result, one of the strategies team can adopt and implement in order to fully realize its goal of boosting sales is to use social networking sites effectively. One of the factors that have come to boost the potential of many corporations is technological advancement. Many prospective consumers may be discovered on social media sites and other websites that are within the realm of technological development. As a result, the business stands to gain significantly from the use of social media marketing, which will result in increased sales. It will be necessary for the department to interact with the marketing departments and do thorough research to guarantee that technology is fully adopted in order for this strategy to become a success. Using the technology now in place and being implemented, the next stage is to choose which product lines should be pushed with the limited number of competent people.

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Another strategic objective is associated with roles, and the strategy will be to establish responsibilities. Primarily, every member of the marketing team will be responsible for developing sales incremental strategies in which they will be able to participate. The achievement of this strategic objective will raise the efficiency of the organization’s human resources department. Product branding is critical in ensuring that consumers are aware of new product designs and are attracted to purchase more products. Similarly, the sales staff will be charged with gathering information from consumers via customer feedback surveys; this will aid in the actualization of customer feedback and the gathering of customer reviews. In determining which aspects need to be improved and which aspects should be retained, customer feedback will be critical.

Support Activities

The most vital function of the sales and marketing department is to assist the execution of the strategic objective of doubling sales. First, the objectives for responsibilities and functions will require cooperation from the head of departments in ensuring that each member receives assistance tailored to his or her own skills, allowing the team to operate more effectively as a whole. Also, in achieving marketing success, the department members will require appropriate training in digital marketing. Training does not involve financial assistance since there are courses available online that are provided free of charge. Furthermore, doubling revenues will need the involvement of the finance department in order to determine which items generate the most income (Siahaan, 2017). The finance department may be able to offer information that will be useful in the implementation of the double sales strategy.


The anticipated necessary timelines for accomplishing the goals and objectives would be completed within seven to ten months. It will take about half a month to incorporate the team’s acquired knowledge and put it into action after the social media training. To put up a good social media marketing team, the time limit should be within 4 weeks, during which promotions will be disseminated to attract new consumers and make them satisfied. Additionally, sales targets will be evaluated regularly, and reports will be produced for target double sales.

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The department will be restructured to incorporate the social media advertising teams in order to meet the expectations of the corporation. The department will be in charge of promoting the goods and soliciting consumer feedback, among other things. In addition, the department will include people who will deal with suggestions for improvement, which will currently be handled by the customer services teams. It is anticipated that all of these restructuring efforts will be directed at boosting sales while simultaneously maintaining a minimum balance.

In the process of developing new roles and duties, the dept, was split between recruiting new workers and delegating some of the new tasks to the current staff. The dept., however, chose to expand the responsibilities of the current employees while also sometimes employing casual workers in certain cases, owing to the nature of the need to boost sales. Furthermore, the team was reluctant to change since the laid-out groundwork was to be completed in about three months, which was a significant milestone. As a result, the expectation that must be made is that the manufacturing team and the product design team will create ideas based on the written input that has been received from consumers. Aside from that, there will be opposition and marketing rivalry from other businesses, which may cause the process of doubling sales to be derailed in the most competitive regions.


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